75 Odd But Brilliant Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything

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When you’re shopping for someone who lives like a minimalist or doesn’t have lots of money, it’s easy to find gifts for them — practically anything you pick out will be new and novel. But what about for those people who seem to have everything? It's hard to find good smart gift ideas for people who already have all of the latest items.

The key for these types of people is to look for items with a little something extra. They don't have to be the most cutting-edge gadgets — simple, ordinary items with some new and improved twist tend to be the real crowd pleasers. A beanie with built-in headphones, for example, or a hair brush that's also a straightening iron. It could also be something practical they haven't thought of: like a cutting board with expandable handles or a colander that clips on to the cooking pot.

Another strategy is to look for ways to let them spoil themselves — things like foot massagers, sleep masks, extra-soft pillows, facial steamers, inflatable loungers, and other spa-like treats. If you're stuck trying to come up with gift ideas, take a look at some of the products gathered here — and move forward with confidence you've found the perfect thing.

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