Apps To Help You Stay Active When It's Cold Out
by Lily Feinn
Smiling young woman running with her dog on a leash during a scenic walk by the ocean in winter
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How do you make that burst of energy you felt at the start of the new year last all winter? This previously troublesome riddle has become much more attainable in recent years with a little help from technology. Those who wish to maintain momentum are in luck, as there are now a variety of excellent apps that will help you stay active even when it's cold outside — because, if we're being honest here, no one wants to put on yoga pants when it's snowing. (Hi there, Winter Storm Stella.)

Although we may have started out the new year with the best of intentions when it comes to our resolutions and health and fitness goals, several months on, new gym memberships are often neglected in favor of a warm bed on a chilly day. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with hibernating through the coldest months, if you are trying to add more exercise into your daily routine, it's more about building good habits than making sudden changes. These apps will give you both encouragement and bite sized workouts you can do at home. No matter if you want to attain greater flexibility, a stronger core, upper body strength, or just need help getting out the door — there's an app for you. So why not set yourself up for success by checking out the eight best apps to get you moving when it's cold out!


Daily Yoga

Looking for a good all-around yoga training app with a wealth of poses and easy-to-follow classes? Daily Yoga has got you covered. This highly rated yoga app available for both iOS and Android offers 50 HD video yoga routines along with instructions and relaxing background music for free. The ability to select your desired intensity level and workout duration makes the app far more flexible, and an in-app community forum and fitness tracker can answer questions and give the encouragement users need to meet their goals. With this mobile app, you never have to miss a class and sacrifice your zen due to inclement weather ever again.



Finding an ideal workout is difficult — so why spend 20 minutes combing through thousands of videos on YouTube looking for the right strengthening video when you could have a personal trainer in your pocket at all times? The fitness app Sworkit gives you video demonstrations from vetted trainers in a variety of different workout styles, including Strength, Stretching, Cardio, Pilates, and Yoga — all without the need for any additional equipment. Create customized workout plans that fit in your schedule and target different areas, and sync the app to other health and wellness trackers. The app is free for both Android, and iOS users; you can also check out the premium version for additional ad-free tools and workouts.



The lauded fitness app Fitocracy has been around for quite a few years now, but remains an excellent choice for those seeking direction with their workouts as well as a strong social aspect. Whether you are looking for advice, motivation, or a place to share experiences, the app's positive community of users have got your back. Get free workout routines from trainers, and record your progress with minimal effort. By earning points with each workout, the app gamifies your fitness goals with leveling up, badges, and the ability to unlocking achievements (not so different from "Pokemon Go"). Winter sluggishness is no match for all the encouragement this app has to offer!



Want to join a community of likeminded pals looking to stay active? ActiveX combines aspects of social media with personalized training to create another great community-based fitness app. Users have the ability to join Facebook-esque groups or "packs" of fellow fitness fans. Share your workout with these friends, "like' each others' progress, and go to ActiveX group events IRL. The app mostly focusses on Tabata training, high-intensity interval training where exercises last four minutes. You can also personalize your Tabata workouts based around your interests. Though the app is free to download (only available for iOS currently), enroll in a premium membership and part of the fee goes to charity.


Charity Miles

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when it's cold is get out the door, but knowing that you're lacing up those sneakers for a good cause may be just the motivation you need. You don't need a gym for this app, just the great outdoors and your phone, of course. The fitness app tracks the distance you've covered during your workout, and corporate sponsors donate 10 cents per mile for cyclists, and 25 cents per mile for walking, running, jogging or skipping. Moving for charity: What could be more worthwhile?


Fit Radio

What's something that every great workout class has in common? An awesome playlist. The Fit Radio app will get you excited to move and provide you with a variety of melodious mixes to keep you pumped, even when your energy wanes. With this app, there's no more waiting through ads as you stream music; what's more, the high energy playlists in over 25 genres are updated daily. For the runners out there, Fit Radio can even match the beat of the music to your pace. The app is downloadable on both Android and iOS, so get ready to have a personal DJ for your squats!


Zombies, Run!

Terrified of being bored on the treadmill? Can't wait for the next episode of The Walking Dead? Add a little motivation to your cardio by evading zombies and collecting supplies on missions with the app Zombies, Run! This unique tool sets the user on an immersive life-or-death quest with each footfall. Just put on your headphones and let the scary fun begin.


Seven Minute Workout

Did you know that all you need is seven minutes of high intensity to get your heart pumping and boost your mood? The Seven Minute Workout app provides you with free daily routines so short, anyone can fit them in their schedule — no excuses.