8 Bizarre Sex Toys You Didn’t Know Existed

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If you’re only a little familiar with sex toys, you probably just know the basics — your standard-issue vibrators, dildos, or anal plugs, for instance. But now's the time to expand your toy drawer, because the internet has quite the variety of bizarre sex toys out there for you to explore. These go way beyond the typical and deliver an insane amount of pleasure, despite the fact that they may seem a little odd at first.

The world wide web really has become a veritable sex toy wonderland, and it's pretty fantastic. If you're a little nervous to go into a sex shop, you can peruse a grand selection online of all things that vibrate, shake, poke, or clamp without having to worry about running into your elementary school librarian. And yes, I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who is curious — elementary school librarians included — should have access to a wide variety of toys that will give them more sexual pleasure.

So now that you can explore, why not go outside of the box? Try a vibrator that is activated by Bluetooth, or a masturbation egg, or any of the amazing sex toys you find that pique your interest. You only live once, so why not enjoy all the vibrating devices while you have the chance?


A Vibrating Anal Plug That Heats Up

If you're sensitive to temperatures, this vibrating anal plug comes with a heating option, which can make insertion easier and more comfortable. It can vibrate at 25 different speeds, all which can be controlled by a remote, and it's quiet enough to not bother your roommates. As with any quality toy, it's waterproof, easily washable, and is made of body safe silicone. Plus, it recharges via USB, so there's no worrying about battery changes in the middle of a heated moment.


A Vibrator For Couples That Stays Where It's Meant To Be

Hello. This is Eva. She's here to give clitoral stimulation while staying out of the way during penetrative sex. Eva knows its place in the best possible way, and is great for couples, because it's hands free. Eva's little arms are made to tuck under the labia and hang out while giving some fine stimulation. Made of medical grade silicone, this product is safe and easy to wash. Then, plug it into a USB port to recharge for another day of fun.


The Vibrator That Never Touches Your Body

This touchless vibrator is the closest thing to giving yourself an orgasm using just the magical powers of your mind. This toy stimulates any part of your body using vibrating air, so it never actually touches you. If you've ever dealt with any discomfort using vibrators, this pleasure enhancer avoids that problem completely, and it has eight adjustable levels of intensity. It's rechargeable and can be completely submersed under water without losing power.


A Masturbation Egg You Use Once

You can have all your masturbation tools with you in one easy egg crate with this pleasure tool. Each egg has a different interior texture that will give anyone with a penis a unique experience every time they use one — and it's also made of flexible elastomer to provide a snug fit for any size. The eggs come with their own water-based lube and once you've had your fun, just throw it away. Reviewers love to use them solo or with a partner.


A Penis Ring That Vibrates

Who needs an ordinary penis ring when you can have one that vibrates? Great for couples, this ring won't give you some meek little vibration, this comes with a strong motor and seven different speeds. If you're ready for some underwater action, take this ring with you, since it's completely waterproof and made of body safe silicone. Enjoy the extra stimulation by yourself, with another, or few others if your battery is as revved up as this vibrator.


A Vibrator That Keeps The Beat

Who says vibrators need to stay in your bedside table? Here's a vibrator that meant to be worn in the club that vibrates in time to the music. With a microphone located in the remote control, it senses the music and vibrates accordingly on five different speeds. So, if you're listening to a James Taylor acoustic set, the vibrator's going to act differently than if you were dancing at a Big Sean concert. Enjoy little vibrating surprises as you get pleasure in and out of the home, and this also comes with a pair of underwear that has a secret pocket to secure the vibrator.


A Bullet Vibrator Inspired By A Fish

Odeco was inspired by the ocean to create this remote control bullet vibrator. Now, they didn't literally try to make a fish vibrator, but they did want to make a sex toy that resembled the free and easy movement of the ocean and the creatures within. Whether the toy makes you feel the sea breeze or not, the toy is a solid vibrator that can be used internally or externally and has five different pulse patterns to switch up your stimulation.


The Vibrator That Lays Flat

This flat vibrator seems a little odd at first (it kind of looks like a charging station, right?) but it delivers. It's perfect for clitoral stimulation or solo play for the penis, and it's great for couples as well. It's got 16 vibration modes, it's made of silicone, and it can be charged by USB.

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