8 Predictions For Cancer Season That All Zodiac Signs Should Know

Cancer season officially kicks off on June 21, which also happens to be the summer solstice, which makes it an extra powerful season opener. And while this is certainly a big month for Cancers, all signs in the zodiac will undergo an increase in sensitivity, too. According to astrologist Lisa Stardust while speaking with Bustle, there are some Cancer season 2018 astrology predictions all signs should look out for. When a sign as strong as Cancer is the chairman of the month, it's important to think about the ways in which it might challenge your own sign's behavior in the coming weeks.

The moon is Cancer's ruler, and it changes its sign every two and a half days, so the Cancer is essentially forced to change their mind every two and a half days. That said, Cancer sun signs will be feeling sentimental and nostalgic during the sun's return which will leave a lot of room for conflicting attitudes. But Cancers are used to the rise and fall of frequent and opposite emotions — other signs who are less flexible with their feelings will definitely notice a change.

With so much going on in the sky this month, there's a lot that can happen down here on earth between June 21 and July 22. So here, with Stardust's help, I've broken down the different things all signs should expect to experience over the course of the month. Just remember that a Cancer never feels a too much of a strong emotion for more than a few days, so if you're feeling overwhelmed, just remind yourself that it will pass. Sunny, carefree days are always on the horizon.


You're Going To Be A Big Help

According to Stardust, on June 23 you'll have an opportunity to "use your intuitive nature to help others heal!" She also says you'll have the ability to hear people in a meaningful way that allows you to relate to them. So make sure you check in with all of your friends on this day. You never know who might need you.


People Are Going To Be Drawn To You

Stardust also tells Bustle that very same day (June 23), is a great day for you to show off your quirks. Stardust suggest, "Embrace your eccentricities and uniqueness today and others will be drawn toward you — as they are intrigued by your indecent spirit. Love yourself — quirks, flaws, and all."


3. You'll Need Help From A Friend

Stardust tells Bustle that on June 27 you're going to feel like you're stuck in a rut, but all yo have to do is reach out to a friend for help. She says, "You have the ability to move forward during tomorrow’s Full Moon. If you feel unseen, try to talk with a friend."


4. You'll Find The Power To Make A Change

Stardust tells Bustle that on June 28, aka Capricorn's full moon, you'll feel a nagging sensation that it's time to make a big change. But don't be overwhelmed, it's nothing you can't handle. Stardust says, "You have the power to change — and heal your past. You can manifest and create the life you have. The power is in your hands!"


5. You'll Have One Really Lucky Day

Stardust tells Bustle that July 5 is going to be a really special day. So say yes to the parties, get a lotto ticket and and get out there and see what the world will offer you when everything is in your favor.


You're Going To Feel The Love

According to Stardust, romance is in the air for everyone on July 8. With all of your senses heightened, you can use the day to meet someone new, reconnect with an old flame, shake things up with a current partner or simply spend the day alone creating indulging in the arts. Stardust says "It’s a perfect day to fall in love at first sight with a mysterious stranger — just make sure you don’t fall too hard over your new crush!" You don't want to fall too hard because the next day you might not be feeling as sensitive, so take it slow!


7. You're Going To Find An Opportunity To Heal

According to Stardust, on July 12 you're going to see the guts of a relationship. She says, "Intense emotions may surface as power struggles in relationships are opened up. There is an opportunity to heal and transform, if you are ready to let go of the past and start fresh." So try to take this opportunity to make things better in your relationship, intensity can be helpful if you use it in a positive way.


You're Going To Feel The Feels

Stardust tells Bustle that July 12 will also be a good day to let go of the past and move toward growth, as you'll be really inspired to make a change due to all the intense feelings you're having. She says, "It’s time to commit to the new vision and dream we want to create."