If You’ve Got A Lazy Cat, You Need These Toys That Make Being Active Fun

Cats get a bad rep for being lazy. And in some cases, it's not an entirely unearned one, either. But just because your feline buddy loves to lie around doesn't mean they don't want to play, too. In fact, the best cat toys for lazy cats can help encourage even the most lethargic pet to get moving in fun new ways.

For cats, playing is about a lot more than simply being amused. It's actually one of the most effective ways to help keep pets active and prevent the onset of obesity and other health problems. For pet parents, buying cat toys that tap into a pet's innate pouncing, hunting, and chasing skills can be a crucial way to prevent boredom and support long-term wellness. When you're dealing with an incredibly apathetic cat, though, this can be a serious challenge. In that case, most experts recommend exploring interactive toys, or those that really encourage action, like laser pointers and wands.

If your cat has been turning into a total couch potato lately, toys like the ones featured below can help shake things up for good. Whether you're looking to stimulate your lazy-bones pet completely or you want a toy that compliments their innate mellowness, there's something on here for every pet parent.


This Track Toy That'll Keep Your Cat Seeing Circles

Is getting your cat to play always a hassle, because all they ever want to do is stay put? If so, then this stationary track toy could be just what you've been needing to get your pet mobilized and burning off extra calories. This manual track toy holds a ball-and-bell toy for cats to poke and chase, all through paw-sized openings, and is made with easy-to-clean plastic. Because it's not battery-operated, cats have to actually power it themselves to get it moving, but they can also stay put as they do, so for lazy cats, it really can feel like the best of both worlds. Reviewers of this ultra-popular toy say that it works best when you add some extra catnip inside, because that gives felines additional incentive to keep playing.


An Electronic Cat Wand That'll Keep Pets Moving, Even When You're Not At Home

"To my cats this toy is worth every penny," raved one reviewer of this battery-operated, interactive wand toy. Made from 50 percent recycled and post-consumer plastic, this eco-friendly toy can give your cat an irresistible reason to keep on moving, and is good for up to two hours of continuous play at once. The toy, which comes with a feather attached, can excite and stimulate cats, and since it moves in various directions, it can draw out a cat's dormant playful side in terrific ways. Reviewers recommend using the adjustable speed knob to test out which setting will work best for your pet. You can also pick up replacement wands, so no matter what, your pets stay on their toes.


A Robotic Toy That Takes Cat-And-Mouse Games To A Whole New Level

Even the laziest cat in the world would have a tough time resisting this robotic toy, which is shaped just like a mouse and designed to act like one too. Ideal for use on hard surfaces like wood or tile, this fuzzy smart toy comes with whiskers, pink ears, and a tail, and scampers back and forth in unexpected ways, as if drawing out for attention from nearby cats. Because the movements are so random, and the mouse is powered by interactive smart technology to navigate around objects and away from corners, this truly is one of the most exciting toys you could gift a cat, period. Once caught, it'll also stay still for a few moments before waking up with a paw swat and trying to scurry away, and it comes with multiple modes, including a paw mode for more lethargic cats and chase mode for more active ones. "Most wonderful cat toy that I've found," wrote one reviewer. "... This mouse is awesome! It is larger enough to run around the kitchen and not get under things. It starts and stops randomly which just adds to the cats' interest. They can't anticipate what will happen next."


This Laser Toy So Pets Stay On The Dot

When you really want to draw a sluggish cat out of their comfort zone and get them more active, nothing is quite as effective as a laser pointer like the Playdot. Portable and battery-operated, this machine runs in various modes and was designed to make cats move all over the place. Of the various modes, the initial mode begins at a slower pace, so cats are slowly eased into the experience of playing with a laser pointer if they never have before. In addition, this toy comes with an auto shut-off function, so it'll turn off after 30 minutes of play to keep cats from being too over-stimulated.


A Cheesy Toy That Older Cats Can Really Enjoy

Surprise your older cat with the ultimate cat-and-mouse game using this innovative peek-a-boo toy. Unlike younger cats that may be passive for no reason at all, older cats may have health issues that make moving around more difficult than normal. If your cat is getting up there and doesn't pounce or play like before, you can still stimulate them using an interactive but stationary toy like this. Durable and battery-operated, this device triggers two cute mice to pop in and out of the cheese block, which in turn will prompt observant cats to stay on their toes. It also comes with a built-in timer, so play sessions only last for 15 minutes at a time. Once a session is up, the auto shut-off will go into effect and keep pets from being over-stimulated. Best of all, because this helps boost eye coordination and pawing instincts, it functions as a great low-impact form of exercise.


This Two-In-One Toy For Heavy Cats That Just Want To Veg

When it comes to easy living, it's hard to beat a hammock. Now picture a hammock for your cat to nap on, and you've got this cat scratcher from Petstages. Sturdy and built to fit and hold cats of all sizes (but especially heavy ones) this hammock also functions as a scratching post and is sure to stimulate even the most layabout kitten around. Made from corrugated material that's easily torn and ripped through, this encourages cats to scratch in a non-destructive way. "My 20 [pound] Main Coon loves these. He recently scratched his way through his third one," wrote one reviewer. Another raved: "... I bought two for my giant 20 [pound] cat. I duct-taped two together and I call it her 'double-wide.' She absolutely loves it and plays on it and sleeps on it a lot!"


An All-In-One Relaxation Zone For Mellow Kitties

In most cases, it's good to get a lazy cat up and moving. But sometimes it's also a smart call to cater to that innate quality in your pet, and that's why this all-in-one wellness toy from Catit is such a must-have. At first glance, it might look like just a pad. The truth is though, it's basically like a spa for pets. It offers 360-degree relaxation and grooming for your cat, with an in-house catnip spot so they can really mellow out while they're using it. This features a green padded cushion, which is perfectly sized for naps and feels ultra-comfy to the touch. Not only that, but it also comes with a multi-purpose massager and brushes so that while your cat is snuggling up, all their grooming needs are being taken care of too, which essentially can feel like a win-win for you.


This Sprawling Tree That Forces Lazy Cats To Exercise

Give your lazy cat the perfect hideaway with this sizable cat tree, which is made out of pressed wood and surface material that's plush faux fur. While cat trees are typically something that more active cats can really get a kick out of, they're great for sluggish cats too because they help promote exercise, while also giving those pets a high perch to nap and lounge on, too. The posts of this tree are wrapped in sisal rope, which is great for scratching, and it also comes with two platforms and a perch for your cat to rest and relax from. One of the best parts of this tree, which is more than 44 inches in height, is that it comes with motion-activated mice, which start squeaking when touched or batted. Recommended for small to medium-sized cats, this tree also features a cozy condo and entry ladder that will give pets room to stretch.

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