8 Common Deodorant Mistakes Women Make That Make Them Smellier

When it comes to personal hygiene, smelling bad is one of our worst fears. For most, common deodorant mistakes include anything and everything that might make you smell the slightest bit human. However, I've got a different take on it: the worst deodorant mistakes are ones that could be making you a little bit unhealthier — clogging your pores, causing build-up, and possibly putting you at risk for health problems. But yes, they do also happen to make you smellier.

In America, we've come a long way from Colonial times, when we cleaned our teeth with herbs and bathed a few times a year. Now, people shower daily whether they feel dirty or not, and we're determined to rid ourselves of bacteria that could be the cause of unwanted odors. However, studies are now starting to learn that all the harsh soaps and antiperspirants could be pushing us in the wrong direction when it comes to smelling clean.

Basically, people sweat for a reason, and if you're looking to smell like wildflowers every second of every day, no matter what it costs, you might be harming your body's natural detoxification functions. In this article, you won't hear me talking about obliterating your sweat glands. Instead, you'll hear me talk a lot about over-washing, the relationship between good and bad bacteria, and the natural ingredients that you can use to smell your freshest.