These Major Differences Between Eugenie & Meghan's Weddings Are SO Revealing

by Sophie McEvoy
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Can you believe it? It's only three days until Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's big day, and it's been five months since the last royal wedding. 2018 has certainly been the year for all things royal, and I don't think it's going to stop soon. Anyway, in an aid to channel my excitement for Eugenie and Jack tying the knot on Friday, I've been way too interested in the differences between Princess Eugenie's wedding and Meghan Markle's, and you're about to be too.

Obviously, both are royal weddings so there are bound to be numerous similarities. For starters, the venue — St. George's Chapel, Windsor — is exactly the same, and it looks like Eugenie and Jack will be taking a similar procession route to the venue, The Telegraph reports. And while we won't know exactly who will be attending the ceremony until the big day, I can only imagine it's going to be a pretty star-studded affair judging by Eugenie and Jack's pool of close friends. And even though Amal and George Clooney are reportedly not attending the wedding according to Hello, I'm still holding out hope.

Enough about the similarities, let's dive in to the 8 differences I've found between Eugenie's wedding compared to Meghan Markle's.


The Guest List

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Whilst there isn't an exact number of how many close friends and family Eugenie and Jack will be inviting to their wedding (according to Vanity Fair, they've sent out 850 invites), the couple have decided to cut down on the amount of public guests in attendance.

According to The Telegraph, Eugenie and Jack have invited 1,200 members of the public to celebrate their marriage, which will include "members of the Windsor community, representatives from their favourite charities, residents of the castle, and some Royal Household staff," and "children from the local schools which Princess Eugenie attended."

In comparison, Harry and Meghan invited 2,640 members of the public during their wedding earlier this year, as Cosmopolitan reports.


The Dress Code

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It's not a major difference, but according to Vanity Fair — who got their hands on the invite — male guests attending the wedding will have to wear a morning coat, which was not the case for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding, who instead opted for lounge suits.

TBH, the necessity of a morning coat isn't a big deal, as Town & Country points out. "The full morning coat, with all its various components, is traditionally what British men wear to weddings," they report.


The Ceremony

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Compared to her cousin's wedding, Eugenie's special day will be a much quieter affair. If you didn't already know, the ceremony will be taking place on a weekday (Oct. 12) instead of the weekend, and it will begin at 11 a.m. rather than 12 p.m.

The wedding itself will only be broadcast on ITV via a special, three-hour long broadcast of This Morning presented by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, as reported by the Express.


The Bridal Party

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Though a Maid of Honour isn't a necessity for a royal wedding, it was pretty damn clear that Eugenie's would be her sister Princess Beatrice. Eugenie revealed the news in the September issue of Vogue, according to People.

The two are adorably close, and I for one cannot wait to see a repeat of Harry's reaction to his brother getting married in 2011.


The Timing

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Eugenie and Jack's reception may follow the tradition of being, well, after the wedding (at the Royal Lodge, no less), but that doesn't mean the party has to stop once Friday is over.

Apparently, the wedding will be a two-day affair, with another reception planned for the following Saturday which is going to be fun-fair themed, according to The Sunday Times. Yes, you heard that right, and I totally want to crash the party too.

It's all down to Eugenie reportedly calling in party-planner Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, who also planned David and Victoria Beckham's wedding reception in 1999, The Times reports.


The Dress

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It goes without saying, really. While there haven't been many hints as to what Eugenie's wedding dress will look like, she definitely doesn't want meringue shoulders, as she pointed out in an interview with The One Show in January.

However, Eugenie did reveal that even though she's "not telling anyone who is making it," it will be made by a "British-based designer," in an interview with Vogue.

Stella McCartney, anyone? Especially since, as The Telegraph points out, McCartney is known to be "environment-friendly" with her designs, and Eugenie is striving to make this event "plastic-free."


The Cake

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Harry and Meghan opted for a light lemon and elderflower cake for their wedding — created by "London-based baker Claire Ptak," as Town & Country reports — which sounds mouthwatering, however Eugenie and Jack have instead opted to go the red velvet route for theirs.

Sounds pretty delish if you ask me. The red velvet wonder will be "crafted by London-based cake designer Sophie Calbot", according to The Telegraph, and has been described as "special and unique."

Red velvet is going to be the cake of this autumn, I'm calling it now.


Even though there will obviously be differences between the two weddings, it sounds like Princess Eugenie will be following in Harry and Meghan's steps in having a thoroughly special day.