How To Achieve 8 Different Types Of Orgasm, According To A Sex Expert

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Sex should be fun. Physically, it's one of the best ways to be close and intimate with another person or even yourself. And while it isn't all about finishing, that is a pretty awesome part of it. An orgasm is an orgasm at the end of the day, right? One company that has been helping women get intimate (and orgasm while doing it) for decades is Ann Summers. Working with sex and relationship therapist Jodie Slee, they've identified eight different ways that women can orgasm and how to get there.

Not only did this totally blow away my perception that there was one type of orgasm and a limited number of ways to achieve it, it's also super exciting. Female pleasure is something that can be complicated and for a very long time has been as embarrassing, shameful and taboo. Luckily that's starting to change, and Ann Summers is doing its bit to help.

In a statement sent to Bustle, head sex toy buyer at the company, Sarah Wright, said, “it’s always important to remember that pleasure and happiness are the goals here, rather than trying to ‘tick off’ every type of orgasm. While pleasure should always be the top priority, experimentation might mean you find a new favourite way to climax.” Sounds good to me.


Clitoral Orgasm

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According to a 2015 study published in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 37 percent of the 1,055 women surveyed required clitoral stimulation to experience an orgasm. This is compared to 18 percent of women who said they could finish from penetration alone. So it's hardly surprising then that the clitoral orgasm appears high on this list. Slee says, “the surprising thing about the clitoris is that only a small part of it is visible (called the glans). The much larger part is intertwined in the whole vulva region and can be stimulated vaginally and, some say, anally too. So, more orgasms are technically ‘clitoral orgasms’ than you might have thought.”


G-Spot Orgasm

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Growing up I assumed the G-Spot was just a made up thing—the Narnia of sex if you like. Since I wasn’t sure it even existed finding it was a whole other matter. But Slee insists that achieving a G-Spot orgasm isn’t as tricky as you might think. She said, “this somewhat mysterious ‘spot’ is a collection of cells found on the front wall of the vagina and is linked with female ejaculation. Many sex toys nowadays are curved towards that spot to make the most of this.”


Blended Orgasm

The human body can be quite complex. Few Friends fans will be able to forget when Monica (Courtney Cox) explained the seven erogenous zones to Chandler (Mathew Perry.) Her point is work them all (sometimes together) and it will have very positive results. Slee agrees, explaining: “this means the stimulation of more than one erogenous zone for a more powerful orgasm, generally involving the clitoris. Most of us have a ‘tipping point’ that takes us from arousal to orgasm, meaning we introduce another area to the mix – this could be nipple stimulation, anal stimulation… you’re only limited by the number of hands (or toys) at your disposal!”


Anal Orgasm

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When it comes to getting the most pleasure out of anal, slow and steady wins the race and don’t believe everything you see in porn. Slee says, “the anus is flooded with nerve endings and the anal nerve moves through the same nerve that serves the clitoris. Further up into the rectum, stimulation will be picked up by the pelvic nerve, which is the nerve that responds to stimulation of the vagina and cervix.”


A-Spot Orgasm

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You have the G-Spot so what is the A-Spot? Well chances are if you have found the G-Spot the A-Spot isn’t too far away. Slee says, “the A-Spot is a collection of cells called the Anterior Fornix, located a few inches above the G-Spot, requiring a very large penis or dildo to reach it. The cervix can block the A-spot, which can make it difficult to find – but it is worth it. You need to go deep!” If you have a partner who has a large penis then positions where they can go as deep as you can handle (without hurting yourself of course) may hit your A-Spot. Otherwise, there are a whole plethora of toys that can get you there.


Nipple Orgasm

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Aesthetically boobs can do a lot to turn you or your partner on. They’re fun. However, some people can in fact orgasm from having their nipples played with. Slee says, “nipples have plenty of nerve ending too, sensations from the nipples travel to the same areas of the brain that sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix do, meaning some women can have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone.”



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I remember when I first started doing yoga, friends warned me of two things. The first, that it might make me pass wind uncontrollably and the second, that some people climax while in the class. I never believed the second but Slee explains there is some truth to it. “This type of orgasm is rumoured to come from exercise like Pilates, or activities that involve squeezing the thighs together," she says. "I suspect friction from repeated movements in fitted gym wear can also play a part!”


Fantasy Orgasm

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Have you ever had a dream where things have gotten a little bit hot and then you wake up feeling completely satisfied? If so you may have been lucky enough to achieve a fantasy orgasm. Slee tells me, “the idea here is that you can climax without any physical stimulation, just using your thoughts to take you all the way. Some lucky women can also orgasm in their sleep.”


Bodies are complex and no two are the same so it is hardly surprising that there are so many different ways to orgasm. Getting intimate with yourself or a partner and exploring what you like is a great way to connect. Slee explains, “one orgasm isn’t superior to another, but there are certainly lots of fun and different ways to have them. Experimentation can play a really important part in making a sexual relationship more satisfying.”