8 Dog Breeds For People Who Have A Hard Time Making New Friends As An Adult

Active, smile and happy purebred labrador retriever dog outdoors in grass park on sunny summer day.

It's not exactly breaking news that extroverts prefer dogs over cats because they're outgoing and playful. But puppers can also be a huge help in bringing more quiet people out of their shells — hence this roundup of eight dog breeds for people who have a hard time making new friends as an adult. And they're going to make you want to put some pants and head out into the world to expand your social circle.

It's all about finding the breed that best suits you. There's certainly nothing wrong with being a homebody (in fact, power to you), but if you're looking to get out more and expand your social circle, you may want a wing-dog. Whether it's that you always feel too busy with responsibilities to make time to hang out with people, or if you simply have a hard time putting yourself out there, these eight breeds will be perfect for you.

Plus, even if you do end up sticking around at home, you'll always have at least one friend to chill with — dogs are loyal companions, and give you the kind of unconditional love that sometimes even humans can't. Here are eight breeds to check out if you're looking to possibly make new friends (since you're guaranteed to make at least one new furry one).



Welsh Corgi walk. Corgi puppy in his arms. Cute and beautifulShutterstock

Corgis are famous not only because of their cute size and build, but also because they're outgoing and friendly, according to Canna-Pet. They're perfect for someone who wants to meet new people and has the time to play with them.

Owning a corgi means thinking of plenty of activities so that their bodies and brains are engaged all the time. Aside from that, they're so cute that new friends will flock to you. They're basically a friend-magnet. This one of many ideal breeds for someone who has a hard time making new buddies as an adult.


Golden Retriever

As Hill's Pet notes, the golden retriever is a hunting and family dog, with impeccable intelligence and an overwhelming desire to please you. That's what makes their personality so attractive, even to small kids.

Golden retrievers are known to be devoted pets and easy-going, so it's a piece of cake to get along with them. They're easy to train because of their intelligence, and they won't test your patience (at least, not often). In general, they love kids, and strangers won't find it hard to make friends with them.

Best yet, they're incredibly friendly and playful — the perfect companion if you happen to have a hard time making new friends.



Pomeranian spitz. Cute fluffy charming red-haired Pomeranian Spitz in full growth on the grass in the park. Walk with dog on a sunny day. Caring for a pet.Shutterstock

Pomeranians look like a walking cotton ball, and their cuteness is unparalleled. They're known to be extroverts, energetic, and lively, says

Despite their small size, they're alert watchdogs, endlessly loyal to their owners. They have thick coats that need daily care, but consider that an attractive asset: New friends will stop in their tracks to come and give your Pom a hug.



Weimaraners are great family pets because they're obedient, friendly, and brave. They also have no problem making new friends because they love people and hate being alone, according to VetStreet.

Weimaraners are intelligent, and they pick up new behaviors and commands very easily. Just be sure to train them early on. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, so you need to play with them and go on plenty of walks.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another popular breed because of their sweet and gentle personality, according to the American Kennel Club, which they don't fail to show to family, friends, and even strangers.

It's also an ideal breed for young children because they love playing and interacting with people. However, they're also just as happy to jump on your lap for cuddle time.

The breed doesn't need a ton of exercise, but they still do best with a little time outdoors. That means you'll have a four-legged friend to go on adventures with and meet lots of new people.


Labrador Retriever

Labradors are intelligent, devoted, and total people pleasers. As the American Kennel Club says, they're famous for being friendly. If there's a party, the lab will be the life of it. They can make friends with anyone and will help you do the same.

Labs are excellent hunters, ideal home companions, and great service dogs. However, they're not excellent watchdogs due to their easy-going nature.



Beautiful Tibetan Mastiff.Shutterstock

Hill's Pet says that mastiffs can reach 200 pounds! However, despite their intimidating appearance, mastiffs are calm, laid back, and surprisingly friendly. They're very dignified dogs who are equally protective of their owners.

The mastiff is affectionate toward people they love, and making friends with them is not difficult. Additionally, children and family members feel safe and comfortable around this gentle giant.


Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are small dogs with a vibrant personality that thrive in just about any environment. They're fun-loving, amusing, and friendly. Plus, they're super affectionate, as points out.

Young children won't be scared of their size, so having them around your kids isn't a problem. Boston terriers want to please people, so training them is easy — aside from the fact that they can sometimes be a tad stubborn.