The 11 Best Dog Breeds Around People If You Like To Have A Lot Of Company

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If you're someone who likes to have friends over, and are also thinking about getting a dog, then you may want to look into breeds that are social and good around people. This might include dogs that are calmer, extra friendly, or happy to kick back on the couch. But, of course, how your dog reacts in social situations will always come down to things like training, as well as their individual personality.

"In general, social people looking for social dogs want to train their dogs not to jump up on people, how to calmly greet newcomers, and to refrain from barking," Sally A. Morgan, PT, CST, TTEAM, of Pet Behavior Solutions & Hands-On Healing, tells Bustle. And that will all be up to you, in terms of teaching them to be cool.

"An easygoing dog isn’t necessarily bred, but trained to go with the flow," Caitlin Ultimo, resident pet expert at Chewy, tells Bustle. "Spend time in the beginning exposing your pet to new situations, environments, and people. The more exposure they have, the more comfortable they will be in social settings."

And that includes having friends over as part of the process. "Slowly build upon the amount of people you have over and the size of crowds outside of your home that you expose them to," Ultimo says. "Eventually, they’ll grow to associate going out or people coming over with extra attention, love, and more 'free pets' for them." Training is key, but you can also consider some of the breeds listed below, which experts say tend to be great around people.