8 Galentine’s Day Playlists For Any Celebration You’re Having

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However you plan on spending Galentine's Day, you'll want some thematic tunes to complement the festivities. Whether you're having all of your girlfriends over for a fancy adult dinner, or eating breakfast for dinner in pajamas, you're going to want to listen to some empowering female artists who represent exactly what the holiday is about. That's why I've curated a selection of Galentine's Day playlists to go with each and every type of celebration you might be partaking in.

Whether you and your girlfriends are in a mood to dance, to sing along, to have a good laugh, to have your mind blown, or get a good cry in, there's a selection of songs that will make the experience a bit more profound. Galentine's Day is a great time to appreciate all the gals in the world, not just in your friend circle, so listen to the female artists you know and love, and then leave some room to get to know some new artists by putting on a playlist that reaches wider than your own library. Lucky for you, the internet makes that easy. Here are some playlists to choose from as Galentine's Day soundtracks, depending on what kind of night you want to have. Choose your own tunes and choose your own adventure.

Songs You Want To Sing Along To

If you and your girlfriends are in the mood to belt out those big power ballads, this playlist is going to serve you well. Each track is a hit that you can really flex your vocal chops to. If you're spending Galentine's Day on a mini road trip with your girlfriends, you can use this playlist to have the ultimate carpool karaoke experience.

"I Know This Dance!"

If you and your girls feel like dancing, but are in the mood to know the moves, these songs are going to guide you well. This playlist includes a huge selection of jams that come with instructional dance moves. Relive your sleepover parties of your youth and have a dance party with your girlfriends in the living room.

Songs That Get You

These indie female artists are very in touch with their emotions, and their music is relatable AF. If you and your girlfriends are in the mood to be heard, this playlist will hit the spot. Feel all the feels.

Big Mood Dinner Music

If you're having dinner with your Galentine's, go all out, raise the mood and play some high energy love songs that will keep the vibe light and fun. Why push your forks around to a quiet romantic playlist when you can sing your heart out and dance in your seat while you eat?

00's Hits

Take a trip down the not-so-distant memory lane and rock out to the tunes of the early '00s. If you're looking for a theme for your Galentine's Day party, look no further than Y2K. Roll out the Fruit Rollups and party old school style with your besties.

Girl Power Unlimited

Is there any better holiday to celebrate girl power than on Galentine's Day? I think not. Enjoy these female powerhouse hits with your best girlfriends on this ceremonious day.

Best Friends Forever

Embrace the best friends theme with some friendship jams on Galentine's Day. These songs celebrate female friendships in a perfectly non-cheesy way. Dedicate each song to a different friend at your Galentine's Day party to make it more personal.

Show Tunes Mood AF

Show tunes are always the answer. This playlist features the most epic female solos in music from Broadway shows. Belt them out with your friends and put on a special Galentine's Day off, off-Broadway performance.