8 Great Sports Movies Streaming Now, From Teen Comedies To Tearjerking Dramas

Fox Searchlight

Whether you're a massive football fan or only planning on tuning in to the big game to check out the commercials and halftime show, you're probably planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. After all, it's always one of the biggest nights of the year, and the 2019 show is bound to be a highly talked-about event, with #BlackLivesMatter in everyone's minds and Maroon 5 and Travis Scott performing midway through the game. Regardless of how you're feeling about the Super Bowl itself, though, there's no harm in prepping your sports viewing by checking out some related pop culture — i.e. these eight great sports movies streaming now for your viewing pleasure.

The films on the list below, picked by Bustle's Entertainment editors, are some of the very best and most loved sports-centric movies made in the last few decades. Some will make you cheer, some will make you cry, and some will make you do both, pulling you into a serious emotional whirlwind. So as you prepare to tune in to the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, grab some popcorn and check out these great films, all of which are luckily available to stream right now.