8 Great Sports Movies Streaming Now, From Teen Comedies To Tearjerking Dramas

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Whether you're a massive football fan or only planning on tuning in to the big game to check out the commercials and halftime show, you're probably planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. After all, it's always one of the biggest nights of the year, and the 2019 show is bound to be a highly talked-about event, with #BlackLivesMatter in everyone's minds and Maroon 5 and Travis Scott performing midway through the game. Regardless of how you're feeling about the Super Bowl itself, though, there's no harm in prepping your sports viewing by checking out some related pop culture — i.e. these eight great sports movies streaming now for your viewing pleasure.

The films on the list below, picked by Bustle's Entertainment editors, are some of the very best and most loved sports-centric movies made in the last few decades. Some will make you cheer, some will make you cry, and some will make you do both, pulling you into a serious emotional whirlwind. So as you prepare to tune in to the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, grab some popcorn and check out these great films, all of which are luckily available to stream right now.

'The Sandlot'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"Following a ragtag group of neighborhood kids bonded by a love for baseball, The Sandlot isn’t just a movie about sports — it’s about friendship, heart, and the grandiosity of childhood adventure. It’s a nostalgic treasure for anyone who grew up in the ‘90s, but it’s also a joyful movie about the simplicity of being young."

— Dana Getz, Associate TV Editor

'The Cutting Edge'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"I grew up in ice rinks, so I'm the target audience for this figure skating rom com about a pairs skater with an attitude problem and a hockey player with no other choice. But The Cutting Edge is so much better than it needs to be, with a sharp, His Girl Friday-esque screenplay by Tony Gilroy (yes, Michael Clayton and the good Bourne movies Tony Gilroy). Sure, you have to suspend some disbelief that a hockey player could learn triple jumps over the course of a few months, but who cares? You'll be too busy rooting for Kate and Doug to notice. Toe pick!"

— Sage Young, Movies Editor

'Remember The Titans'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"At a time when people are debating how interconnected sports and politics — specifically political activism — should be, Remember the Titans is really a must watch. The Disney movie, about the integration of a high school football team, is a perfect illustration of why you simply cannot separate racial inequality from sports. It's also a great reminder that teams should stick together, a message some members of the NFL might need right now. Aside form it's obvious political relevance, Remember the Titans is also just a great, fun, moving film. Is it possible to watch without crying tears of joy when the team finally comes together after training camp? Or to keep from laughing when Ryan Gosling dances like a goofball? (Also, you cannot deny that Denzel Washington as a caring coach/hot dad is really an unbeatable combination.)"

— Olivia Truffaut-Wong, Associate Entertainment Editor

'Bend It Like Beckham'

Streaming On: Hulu

"This movie is just such a joy to watch. A comedy about a teenage girl forced to hide her soccer playing from her strict Indian family, Bend It Like Beckham inspired a generation of young women to go after their goals and value their friendships. If you've never seen it, trust me — you'll be smiling the whole way through."

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor

'Friday Night Lights'

Streaming On: Hulu

"Although it may feel like cheating a bit on Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins, the 2004 Friday Night Lights movie is still a must-stream. Unlike the series, the movie is more tightly based on the book Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Game, A Dream by H.G. Bissinger, which was about the football team at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas. There are overbearing coaches and parents, injured star players, underdog running backs, and yes, a lot of high school parties with good looking teens. Connie Britton stars in it, alongside Billy Bob Thornton, Amber Heard, and Tim McGraw, among others, and it's definitely worth a rewatch. Rumor has it that a reboot is in the works, too, so you might as well get familiar with the source material."

— Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor

'The Luck Of The Irish'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"Not only is The Luck of the Irish a classic Disney Channel Original Movie, but it most definitely counts as a sports movie. Ryan Merriman — the quintessential DCOM star — plays a popular high school basketball star... whose life changes when he starts transforming into a leprechaun? Yeah, it's as outrageous as it sounds and totally worth revisiting if you're in the sporty spirit from the Super Bowl. Sure, it's a different game, but it's still pure entertainment gold."

— Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor

'Blue Crush'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"If you want a sports movie that will remind you not only of summer but of the peak of Kate Bosworth's acting career, take a trip back to 2002 for some big waves, and big nostalgia (remember N.E.R.D.'s 'Rock Star'? It plays in a scene when Kate has to rescue her delinquent sister from a club so that she can study for school!). There's also some high-stakes surfing competition intrigue, and Michelle Rodriguez is there. What's not to like?"

— Samantha Rollins, TV Editor

'Bull Durham'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"It's been over 30 years since Bull Durham was released in 1988 and the comedy is still widely considered one of the best sports movies ever made. The film skillfully mixes minor league baseball hijinks and literature references with a love triangle between a rookie pitcher (Tim Robbins), a veteran catcher (Kevin Costner), and an English professor (Susan Sarandon) who knows the game better than both of them. And don't forget: 'Candlesticks always make a nice gift.'"

— Mallory Carra, Associate Entertainment Editor