8 Items Trader Joe's Dropped This Month That You Need To Try, Stat

Trader Joe's, every millennial's favorite grocery store, has an art to how it markets itself. It's been recently noted that the grocery store uses coffin cases to store and display its frozen goods, which is a genius tactic that makes grabbing food way more accessible than reaching up into the nether toward shelves that tower above you. But the store's strategy clearly extends way beyond that — in fact, Trader Joe's has dropped a selection of items this July, and just as it always has, the chain has infused careful variety into the consumable goods they chose to debut while still appealing to the masses. The reliable thing about the store is in their new items section, they make sure to give you a whole range, so as to satisfy all sorts of taste buds.

For this July, there's something in it for everybody. If you're not looking to mix it up food-wise, you can find some convenient ways to get a cuppa in the morning. Or if you don't like wine coolers, you can still stock up on some baked goods. The long and short of it is, you really can't check out the items Trader Joe's dropped this month without falling in love with at least one of them.

It's so nice to know that the old Joe is so thoughtful toward its customers. Read on to find out what's hot on its list this July:

Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Cold Brew Coffee Bags, $5.99, Trader Joe's

If you're more of a grab-and-go person, these coffee bags are perf for your lifestyle. They're like tea bags — you can toss them in a pitcher with some cold water, let it steep in the fridge over night and pour it into your to-go-cup for the morning. This also means you can skip a morning coffee run and get to the office earlier too!

Each 8.5-ounce resealable bag of four Cold Brew Coffee Bags retails for a pretty cheap price, and has notes of berries and molasses to boot. What a sweet deal.

Mini Sheet Cakes

Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean or Dark Chocolate Ganache Mini Sheet Cakes, $4.49 (or $3.99 in SoCal!), Trader Joe's

Choose between Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean or Dark Chocolate Ganache either way, you can't go wrong with any flavor.

Any resident cake cravers (who take smaller bites) can sing these sweets' praises. They're versatile enough to serve at your next wine night, or just to snack on whenever the midnight hour hunger pangs hit. The bakery section just got a lot yummier.

Simpler Wines Chardonnay

Simpler Wines Chardonnay Too Uncanny, $2.99, Trader Joe's

The TJ's crew originally sold 4-packs of the perfectly sized Simpler Wines collection, which had flavors of White, Rosé, and Peach sparkling wine from Italy.

Due to popular demand, they've started offering larger cans of this white wine with fruity notes. It's still, not sparkling — but it will ~still~ leave you with a great, light summer buzz if you're craving one. And that price is simply unbeatable.

More Indian Food Options

Tikka Vegetables or Yellow Tadka Dal, $1.99, Trader Joe's

All vegetarians can rejoice — TJ's is bringing something excellent to your dinner table this July. All you need is a boiling pot of water to sample the savory Tikka Masala sauce-dipped vegetables in Tikka Vegetables, or the creamy, spicy Yellow Tadka Dal that adds a zesty kick to yellow lentils, tomatoes and cumin seed.

The food is also so cheap and affordable — your office lunches will never be the same.

Old Fashioned Waffle Cones

Old Fashioned Waffle Cones, $2.49, Trader Joe's

Ice cream always tastes better with a waffle cone, and now TJ's can make your homemade dreams come true by providing us with ones you can buy in stores! They tout them as full of more simple, clean ingredients without artificial gunk — like flour, brown sugar, sunflower oil, and oat fiber. Each box has 12 cones, changing your ice cream experience forever, one scoop at a time.

Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Strips

Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Strips, $6.99, Trader Joe's

Confession: for a lazy cook like me, having pre-cut chicken strips is pretty much a godsend. So how could you resist TJ's giving us such a gift this summer? Now you don't have to slice chicken breasts yourself — save yourself some hassle by buying these breast strips, which are already perfectly sized while also being boneless and skinless.

They’re also USDA-certified organic, and from free-range and antibiotic-free chickens raised on an all-vegetarian diet, according to the TJ's website.

Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Flaky Croissant Dough Squares

Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Flaky Croissant Dough Squares, $2, Trader Joe's

Breakfast just got a little more interesting, with the introduction of a new item previously only spotted at fancy brunch places.

The frozen section is now home to a Trader Joe's special — its Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Flaky Croissant Dough Squares ensure you will never look at a breakfast roll the same ever again.

The ready-to-bake delicacies only need about 30 minutes in the oven before being ready to go. Who needs to spend money on brunch when you have these at home now?

Asiago Cheese

Asiago Cheese, $7.99, Trader Joe's

The cheese inspired by northern Italy has a creamy, crumbly texture to it. The milk it's made with came from Italian cows, and it's also certified as a "true Asiago PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)," its namesake from the Italian city itself.

If cheese plates strike your fancy, you can't go wrong with this fancy shmancy item this summer.