8 Of The Weirdest Pairs Of Jeans ASOS Has For Sale Right Now


The great thing about denim is that, since it's such a classic staple, designers let their freak flag fly when it comes to trying to break the iconic silhouette out of its classic mode. And no one does that better than ASOS. ASOS has a lot of weird jeans on sale right now, and your closet will be the better for it. While it's important to have your staple sets of denim — rocking everything from high waist mom jeans, to form fitting skinny jeans, to baggy boyfriend jeans — there's also some room in everyone's closet to add in a more adventurous style or two.

And luckily for us, the online retailer specializes in adventurous. For example, they were the ones that brought us the butt crack jeans, which were a pair of high waist jeans with two cut outs on the side that made it look like a makeshift butt crack. Now ASOS has a whole slew of new jeans for you to play and shock with, and they're just as adventurous as the last batch. From '90s-like skater pants, to interesting embroidered patches, to geometric cut-outs, there is a lot to consider. Check out some of the top picks below.

1. Hand Jeans

Signature 8 Festival Hand In Pocket Jeans With Rips


Have your hands permanently in your pockets with these embroidered jeans, which feature — you guessed it — embroidered hands that are nonchalantly being slipped into the pockets. They're patched onto a light wash denim that's also sporting plenty of rips and tears, making it an edgy and festival-appropriate fashion piece.

2. '90s Denim With Massive Flare

Stradivarius Soft Denim Pants


Relive your Delias catalog days with these baggy skater pants from ASOS. They have junior-high-in-the-90s all over them, where all you would need is a zigzag center part and a choker tattoo necklace. These soft denim pants are two-toned, where they both rock light blue and dark blue denim. They're also baggy in shape and fall well past the feet, letting the hems drag — which was a staple for every alternative kid.

3. Um, These Jeans

Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jenas


Rather than rocking jeans with holes in the knees, get a little more structured and precise with your tears. These high rise mom jeans look like they had slices cut out of them with a box cutter, making geometric shapes all down the pant legs.

4. Hole-y Jeans

Ovoid Circle Cut Out Jean


Another interesting reiteration on the "holes" fashion of denim, rather than wearing natural rips and tears at the knees and thighs, these look more circular and compact. They almost look like they got blasted into the jeans, which makes for a quirky and unexpected look.

5. Totally Two-Toned

Florence Authentic Straight Leg Jeans With Deconstructed Overlay


Have you ever woken up and were split between wearing either your white or light wash jeans? ASOS has tackled that problem for you, combining both pairs together. Taking light wash high waist denim, they overlayed it with the waist and pockets of a white pair of jeans, layering them up so they look like you have a built-in holster.

6. The Denim Parachute

Free People Patchwork Denim Wide Leg Jeans


If you're looking for a more bohemian pair of jeans, ASOS would like to offer up these tent-like pants for consideration. Baggy to the point of playful absurdity, these are low rise, come without a waist, and flair out to skirt-like proportions.

7. Pretty Paint Pants

House Of Holland Cross Patch Boyfriend Jeans


Remember how you used to put stickers all over your furniture as a kid? These pants take that concept, super sizes it, and attaches it to your pants.

8. Garter Denim

Ridley Festival High Waist Skinny Jeans With Suspender Detail


If you ever wondered how your jeans would look in garter form, here is your answer.

If you're looking to get weird with your denim, any of these picks would take your closet to a whole other level.