ASOS Just Found A Way To Show Off Your Crack In High Waist Jeans


ASOS just introduced its new jeans and, well, there's no delicate way to put this, so: The brand is helping its customers show off the booty with butt crack jeans. The denim, which is billed as "high waisted straight leg jeans with open back" sit high on a wearer's waist, come with a belt, and, yes, have a half-circle cutout at the back, with a pretty dang thin piece of fabric stretching down to cover the crack.

Of course, given how many people need a belt just to keep basic fit jeans from sliding down — or who use a belt and yet still aren't successful at keeping their jeans pulled up — it's likely that little strip of fabric will be doing a lot of work. Bless its heart.

Weird pants are not a new phenomenon, especially in 2017, aka the year of Topshop's crystal-clear jeans. But making plumber's crack fashionable is certainly a step further than other brands have taken with their strange pants ideas.

While ASOS obviously has some totally normal jeans available, it's almost tempting to buy these bad boys for the sheer novelty of it — or to see if only a few gifted waist-to-butt ratios are able to hold these up.

Open Back High Waist Pants, $60, ASOS

Seriously, these jeans go right from A-OK to danger zone, with no in-between and no collecting $200 as you pass Go. Allure brought up plenty of valid questions: "If we’re showing off our butts in our jeans now, does that mean we need butt facials? Or at least a DIY butt skin-care routine? Wait — what Instagram filter looks best on the butt?"

Exposed booty being fashion's latest hot accessory may seem far-fetched, but honestly...there has been worse. And the idea of other people showing off their butts in these jeans really isn't so bad. No, the uncomfortable thing about these is considering wearing them yourself and exposing way more than you mean to while you're doing something totally mundane, like buying canned corn.

However, if that's something you're keen to try, with or without the corn, you can snag these for $60 on ASOS's website. And if you're thinking these are way too wild, just look back on some of the previous denim trends to put it in perspective.

1. Topshop's Clear Jeans

An excuse to buy more cute underwear, TBH.

2. Clear Knee Mom Jeans

The perfect Mother's Day gift: Windows for her knees.

3. Denim Tutus

Miley Cyrus's look from May 2017 wasn't uber-weird, but it was definitely not your usual denim ensemble.

One take away from all of these past, out-of-the-box designs is that even if the butt crack jeans aren't your taste, you can always wait a bit, because someone is sure to come up with an even more, er, unique jean eventually.