8 Personalized Items You Can Get On Amazon For Under $20


As the fall winds down, it's suddenly dawning upon a few of us who have accepted that, if Halloween is here, then that means the holidays are a few short months away. And what do we have this year for gift options? Maybe this year you're itching to spice things up in the giving department and be a bit more unique. Not another generic gift card or some chocolates — what about when you want things to get a little more personal?

If you don't want to go the generic route, there are plenty of cute personalized items you can get on Amazon for under $20. That way you've got an affordable route if you don't have the money to spare — but your giftee still knows that you put thought and time into what you chose for them, because it's a gift you went the extra mile to make uniquely ~theirs~.

The truth is, there is something special that gives you the warm fuzzy feels that come with getting a gift that is personalized just for you. That's what the giving season should be all about. But even beyond that, it's good to keep a few of these ideas on hand; maybe it's your dad's birthday coming up. Maybe you just want your BFF to feel extra special when she's been down lately. Heck, maybe you're looking to jazz up your apartment, or just get a little something for yourself — at prices this reasonable, you might as well treat yourself, too.

Seeing as Amazon can be kind of overwhelming on its own, here's a curated list of adorable ideas for personalized things you can get on Amazon right now — a mix of sophisticated, cute, and actually handy, so there's something for all types of people on your list. Just remember to allow some extra time for shipping! Seeing as these have an extra special touch to them, most of these aren't eligible for Prime shipping. But these are definitely worth the wait!

1Name Embroidered Hand Towels

Name Embroidered Hand Towels


The best way to dry your hands is with a lovely cotton delight bearing your name on it. You can choose the thread color based on what your friend would like, too!

2Personalized Eyelash Cosmetic and Makeup Bag

Personalized Eyelash Cosmetic and Makeup Bag


This way, know that your BFF/mom/grandma will have a way harder time losing her favorite lipstick if it's in a bag that literally has their name on it.

3Personalized Leather Passport Holder

Personalized Leather Passport Holder


When your loved one is off traveling the world, they'll probably be a bit nervous their things could get lost — but this, at least, will help them reunite with their passport, if they leave it en route. Get it now for under $15.

4Personalized Name Butterfly Wall Decal

Personalized Name Butterfly Wall Decal


Interior design can be an essential part to a person's personal aesthetic, especially in your room — and this decal adds the perfect, homey touch.

5iPhone X Case Customized Cover

iPhone X Case Customized Cover


A picture is a best way to preserve a memory, and an iPhone case is the best way to preserve that picture with that memory. Get a case with a funny snap from a few months ago, or an anniversary photo, or even characters in a scene from someone's favorite TV show that you can't find anywhere else.

6Custom Monogram Coffee Mugs

Custom Monogram Coffee Mugs


What better way to give a gift that is regal as heck than a coffee mug not only with someone's name on it, but with a fancy monogrammed letter behind it? This extra elegant mug is going to spice up someone's morning coffee even more.

7Personalized Stackable Name Rings

These rings come in a whole bunch of sleek colors, like rose gold and coffee, while each can be engraved with your choice of wording. Perfect for any special someone who wants to feel close to their loved ones wherever they go.

8Personalized Mini USB Stick 16GB

This flash drive can be useful for any of your loved ones with a plethora of personal photos or documents they like keeping portable — and its cute versatility makes it something useful for anyone who wants to make their tech accessories a little more friendly.