16 Funny National Best Friends Day Gifts You Can Get Personalized With Your BFF’s Face

There's probably no doubt in your mind that your best friend deserves all of the celebrations out there. After all, this person is there for you through it all, and they most likely make life a whole lot better. Every once in a while, you have to do something to show them how much you love and appreciate them! And who says that something isn't buying a random item that has their face all over it? This could potentially be creepy and very weird, but chances are good your bestie will totally get it, and find it hilarious. There are actually more funny National Best Friends Day gifts you can get personalized with your BFF's face on it than you would imagine — although, after all, this is 2018, where pretty much every item you can think of seems to exist.

Each of these items are totally personalized and customizable, so you can choose to get something for yourself with your bestie's face all over it as kind of a gag gift on both of you, or you can get one of these with your face all over it to give to your friend. After all, National Best Friends Day is coming up — it falls on Fri. Jun. 8 this year. Even if it's not for that holiday, it's definitely something to keep in mind for a birthday gift or something. It's guaranteed to make your friend smile, so you can really give it them whenever you want!

If you choose to make one of these with your best friend's face on it for yourself, then you'll be able to take your BFF with you wherever you go... in the strangest possible way. Check 'em out now: