16 Gifts You Can Put Your BFF’s Face On For National Best Friends Day

There's probably no doubt in your mind that your best friend deserves all of the celebrations out there. After all, this person is there for you through it all, and they most likely make life a whole lot better. Every once in a while, you have to do something to show them how much you love and appreciate them! And who says that something isn't buying a random item that has their face all over it? This could potentially be creepy and very weird, but chances are good your bestie will totally get it, and find it hilarious. There are actually more funny National Best Friends Day gifts you can get personalized with your BFF's face on it than you would imagine — although, after all, this is 2018, where pretty much every item you can think of seems to exist.

Each of these items are totally personalized and customizable, so you can choose to get something for yourself with your bestie's face all over it as kind of a gag gift on both of you, or you can get one of these with your face all over it to give to your friend. After all, National Best Friends Day is coming up — it falls on Fri. Jun. 8 this year. Even if it's not for that holiday, it's definitely something to keep in mind for a birthday gift or something. It's guaranteed to make your friend smile, so you can really give it them whenever you want!

If you choose to make one of these with your best friend's face on it for yourself, then you'll be able to take your BFF with you wherever you go... in the strangest possible way. Check 'em out now:


A Lollipop

Face Licker Lollipop, $53.59, Firebox

In case you ever wanted to lick your best friend's face off, Firebox has created a personalized lollipop called the "Face Licker." You can send in a photo, and the company will create a lollipop in that image — and it seems frighteningly real. This is very cool, but also a little bit creepy?



Head Case, starting at $26.79, Firebox

If you've been looking for a new piece of luggage, you might want to consider this one, which can be imprinted with a giant photo of your BFF. Is this going to make everyone in the airport look at you strangely? Yes, of course. But it also ensures your bestie is basically with you on every trip you go on, so, win.



Your Face Custom Leggings, $53.31, Shelfies

Have you ever felt the urge to walk around in clothing that is covered with your best friend's face? If so, get these leggings! They look comfortable! Also, please make sure your BFF is making a ridiculous face in whatever photo you choose.


Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoos, $70+, Etsy

For just $70 (!!), you could get a temporary tattoo of your best friend's face. Is it worth it? Potentially. This is pretty freaking cool.



Mushions, starting at $22.75, Firebox

If you want to cuddle with your besties whenever you feel like it and not just when they're free, then get these personalized pillows, which are kind of amazing. You can get smaller ones, or a giant monster pillow.


Duvet Cover

Your Face Custom Duvet Cover, $131.37, Shelfies

Actually, you can make your entire bed set all about your best friend. Shelfies sells a customizable duvet cover that can be plastered with your bestie's face. This is, yes, a little bit creepy, but also perfect.


Air Freshener

Fresh Face, $20.09, Firebox

Okay, honestly, I can't even hate on these. They're hilarious! You can get them in the traditional scents of linen, island breeze, and new car, or something different, like coffee or bacon.


Cookie Cutter

Customizable Cookie Cutter, $20, Etsy

Okay, this is really kind of adorable: you can get a personalized cookie cutter made into the shape of your BFF's face, and then you can make cookies that look like them. Is that not the best gift idea ever?


Photobooth Props

Bridal Shower Photo Prop, $16+, Etsy

While these personalized photo pros are really popular for bachelorette parties, they could also be perfect for your best friend. Make them into a prop like this and take them everywhere with you! It makes for some hilarious pictures.



Customizable Earrings, $12.60, Etsy

Wear your best friend as jewelry! OK, no, that sounds horribly wrong. But seriously, this Etsy shop will put your BFF's face on a pair of cute little stud earrings, and it's the accessory you never knew you needed.


Shower Curtain

Your Face Shower Curtain, $73.41, Shelfies

Just in case you wanted to stare at your best friend's face while showering or bathing... this exists.



Custom Face Magnets, $25+, Etsy

These are pretty adorable — you can make one of just your best friend, or one of your entire squad. They're also cute to give out as gifts!


Golf Balls

Personalized Photo Golf Balls, $32.29, Personalization Mall

I don't know why you would want your best friend's face on a golf ball. Maybe to get out some pent-up aggression? Maybe just to be funny? I honestly... I don't understand this. But here they are!



Personalized Mug, $6.99, Vistaprint

These mugs are super inexpensive and actually practical. They're also not as creepy as some of the stuff on this list, so... there's that!



Custom Face Socks, $22.99+, Etsy

These are pretty awesome too. You could always use a new pair of socks, and really, why shouldn't they be covered in your bestie's face?



Custom Face Stickers, $16+, Etsy

Actually, I love these too. They're weirdly aesthetically pleasing! And they make for a very adorable gift option.


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