8 Pro Tips For Hosting A Spring Ladies' Brunch

It’s pretty common knowledge that brunch is the best meal of the day. But coordinating brunch with friends at a restaurant can be a bit of a nightmare. You need a reservation. Then someone is running late so the host won’t seat you. And then there are the two-hour limits on tables! Frankly, it can quickly turn into more trouble than it’s worth.

Thankfully, it happens to be easy and fun to host your own brunch in the comfort of your own home. Neither too early in the morning nor too late in the day, it offers a prime opportunity to sit back, relax, and catch up with your best friends — without having to deal with the crowds at your hip, local brunch joint. Just think about it — is there anything better than a mimosa in one hand, a donut in the other, all while catching up with friends without any particular place to be? You also don’t need a particular reason for a brunch party. The increasingly beautiful weather and the return of sundresses into your wardrobe is reason enough for us.

But where to start? Between quiche recipes, juice flavors, and playlist options, coordinating a classy brunch might seem like a lot of work. After all, you are combining two meals here. To help you out, we’ve partnered with Pier 1 Imports, the retailer that helps you find all the right furniture, lighting, tableware and decor for your home. Together, we’ve put together eight tips that will make sure your spring brunch is a success.

Set The Stage

Magnolia Ceramic Dinnerware, $7.95-8.95, Pier 1

First things first: If you’re inviting eight of your favorite ladies over to enjoy a wonderful brunch — and to celebrate the wonderful spring weather — you should probably make sure you have eight plates they can eat of off. We know, we know, it seems basic. But there’s nothing worse than realizing you’re short on tableware and having to serve your friends out of re-purposed take-out containers. Trust us.

Magnolia Ceramic Dinnerware, $7.95-8.95, Pier 1

Pick Up Some Beautiful Blooms

Capiz Shell Small Vase, $34.95, Pier 1

Fresh flowers are a great and relatively inexpensive addition to your table setting. You can even pick up a large, spring-y bouquet at the market when you shop for your ingredients, eliminating the need for a special trip. Just make sure to cut the ends of the stems to make sure they last longer, place in a pretty vase and voila! You’re now the type of classy, put-together lady who keeps fresh flowers in her home.

Capiz Shell Small Vase, $34.95, Pier 1

Curate A Good Menu

Upsplash/ James Harris

In general, it’s good to cover the main brunch food groups – something savory (how ‘bout a nice spinach quiche?) sweet bites (donuts, please!), fruit (whatever’s in season) and a salad (a nice counterbalance to the donuts). Prepare whatever you can beforehand, so you’re not trying to fry bacon while catching up with your bestie.

Set Up The Mimosa Bar

Gilded Royale Champagne Flute, $4.95 each, Pier 1

One of the best things about having brunch at home is not having to flag down a waiter every time you want a refill. As you’re setting up for the big day, find a little space where you can put a build-your-own-mimosa bar. All you need is a couple of different types of juices (orange, blood orange, grapefruit), matching glasses and some bubbly. Trust us, your guests will know what to do — and you won’t have to play bartender all day long.

Gilded Royale Champagne Flute, $4.95 each, Pier 1

Keep The Champagne On Ice

Hammered Ice Bucket, $39.95, Pier 1

Speaking of champagne, let’s keep it real, here: No one likes lukewarm bubbly. By making a small investment in an ice bucket, like this lovely copper one, you’ll ensure that everyone’s drinks will be poured at the correct temperature. (Plus, it’s cute!)

Hammered Ice Bucket, $39.95, Pier 1

Dress For The Occasion

Upsplash/Ben White

It is a party, after all, so take the opportunity to put on a killer outfit. But since there’s a chance you’ll be staying active (we’re talking putting things in the oven, reaching for extra glasses, etc.), why not keep it easy? A light summer dress will help you stay cool and comfortable, even as you’re running back into the kitchen for an extra serving spoon.

Make The Perfect Playlist

Upsplash/ Emma Frances Logan Barker

We miss the days of the good, old-fashioned mix tape. Instead of switching on a random streaming playlist (who knows what’s on there), curate a list of your own favorite jams to play — or even pull out some of your favorite records! Depending on the mood you’re trying to set, you can go with some light jazz (classy) or throw it back to your early 2000s pop favorites (because those are appropriate for any party.)

Relax and Enjoy The Party

Upsplash/ I'm Priscilla

After all, your friends are here to see you, not judge your slightly-smudged homemade cupcakes. Try not to get too stressed out during your fete, just have a good time. And take it from us – always accept when your bestie offers to help wash dishes once it’s done.

This post is sponsored by Pier 1 Imports.