8 Questions To Ask A Psychic If You Have Relationship Concerns

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

No relationship is perfect, and like anything that gives results in gratification, relationships take work. The myth of finding your soulmate and suddenly watching all of your problems fade away is just that: a myth. But when you're in a relationship rut or feeling confused about the future, it might make more sense to consult a close friend, a therapist, or even higher power. You may even go as far as asking a professional psychic about your relationship concerns.

"One of the biggest reasons people come and see me is about relationships," psychic and spiritual guide, Natalie Miles, tells Bustle. "I love to be able to share insight from Spirit to help guide people on how to make changes, make decisions and improve their relationships. They start the session unsure and uncertain and leave feeling empowered and knowing what to do next."

But remember, there is no exact science to knowing how a connection will develop or end. Just because a psychic might see dark clouds in your future, does not mean your relationship is on the rocks and you should end things. Instead, they can be a guide to help you gain perspective when you're feeling confused about your relationship. It's all about asking the right questions.

Here are some things to ask a psychic if you're feeling unsure about your relationship, according to Miles.