8 Questions To Ask A Psychic If You're Unsure About Your Relationship

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No relationship is perfect, and like anything that gives results in gratification, relationships take work. The myth of finding your soulmate and suddenly watching all of your problems fade away is just that: a myth. But when you're in a relationship rut or feeling confused about the future, it might make more sense to consult a close friend, a therapist, or even higher power. You may even go as far as asking a professional psychic about your relationship concerns.

"One of the biggest reasons people come and see me is about relationships," psychic and spiritual guide, Natalie Miles, tells Bustle. "I love to be able to share insight from Spirit to help guide people on how to make changes, make decisions and improve their relationships. They start the session unsure and uncertain and leave feeling empowered and knowing what to do next."

But remember, there is no exact science to knowing how a connection will develop or end. Just because a psychic might see dark clouds in your future, does not mean your relationship is on the rocks and you should end things. Instead, they can be a guide to help you gain perspective when you're feeling confused about your relationship. It's all about asking the right questions.

Here are some things to ask a psychic if you're feeling unsure about your relationship, according to Miles.


How Do I Follow My Heart?

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Asking, "How do I follow my heart" can help you tune into your desires more. "When we’re in a relationship we can ironically stop listening to our heart and start listening to our mind too much," Miles says. "This happens especially around decision making in a relationship. So if you are struggling to make any type of difficult decision in the relationship this is a great question to ask. You’ll get the answer to following your heart and not just following your mind."


Is My Partner Being Trustworthy?

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"If you’re worried your partner is cheating or has cheated in the past this is the question to ask," Miles says. "You can also ask this question on any topic where you feel that your partner is concealing the truth about something."

Sometimes are fears come from a place of insecurity, rather than reality. A psychic might help you discern if you actually have something to worry about, or if you're being unrealistic.


What Can I Work On Personally To Bring Us Together More?

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"This is a great question if your partner is being distant and you’re unsure how to reconnect," Miles says. "Sometimes we focus on what’s not happening or what’s wrong in the relationship rather than focusing on what we can do to make a change. This question can also be used in asking how to reactivate your sex life."

There's always room to grow as an individual and a partner, so use this question constructively, with the intention of bettering yourself.


What Blocks Can I Let Go Of From Previous Relationships That Might Be Shaping The Current Relationship?

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"A lot of my clients hold onto old emotions, stories and fears from past relationships," Miles says. "The past then stops them from being open or allowing themselves to show up in the current relationship. This is a great question if you want to set yourself free from your exes, so you can give your all to the present relationship."

We all enter relationships with our own baggage, but make sure that what happened to you in the past is not dictating what will happen to you in the future.


How Does My Partner Feel About Our Relationship Currently?

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If you've been afraid to ask your partner where their head is at, finding out from a psychic is not a substitute for asking (honest communication is always your best option!), but it's a start.

"Any good psychic will be able to tap into the emotions and feelings of your partner," Miles says. "If you’re ready to hear how they’re feeling, then ask away with this bold question."


Have We Had A Past Life Together In The Past?

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Here's one question that only a psychic can answer. "We can repeat the patterns in relationships from past lives. In your relationship you have most probably had a past life with them before," Miles says. "This is a great question to ask, as you will be able to see if there are any repeating patterns from the past life. Once you know what happened in the past life relationship you can stop the pattern in this lifetime. This will then make your relationship stronger."


Are Our Energies Compatible To Live Together?

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"If you’re thinking about moving in together but you’re worried if it’s the right decision, this is the question for you," Miles says. "I get asked this question regularly as there is a fear it will change the relationship. The love will turn into arguments about cleaning, laundry, who’s watching what and needing alone time. This question will also give you insight on how best to co-habit."

Even if your energies turn out to be compatible, be sure to have an open dialogue with your partner about cohabitation, before considering moving in together.


What Is The Overall Learning From This Relationship?

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Not sure what you're getting out of your relationship? Ask a psychic about it. "Every relationship we’re in is to provide us with some sort of learning," Miles says. "Each time we learn more about ourselves. I love sharing this insight with clients as it provides new understanding and insights to why they’re with someone."

So the next time your mind is flooded with thoughts, doubts, and questions about your relationship, don't agonize over it — consult a spiritual expert instead. But don't forget to talk to your partner about it afterwards, because as always, communication is the key to a healthy connection.