8 Sex Games & Toys That Build Intimacy For Couples

I'm of the belief that laughter and lightheartedness should permeate every area of my life — sex life included. That doesn't necessarily mean it should be haphazard, of course, but if you can't laugh when you experience an accidental lube-induced elbow to the head, some hot sex games that build intimacy might help to loosen things up a bit, especially if your sex life has been feeling a little rigid or mechanical lately.

The fact of the matter is that sometimes, sex can be a messy, accident-prone activity. The more comfortable you feel with your partner, the more you'll be able to enjoy yourself in spite of the potential awkwardness. After all, when you're not slipping, bumping body parts, or making unintentional weird noises, it can be one of the most passionate things you do with another human being. And thankfully, the internet is filled with tools and toys that effortlessly start the night off in that direction.

Whether you've been with your partner forever or you just got together, these innovative toys and games can help to spice things up and push you out of your comfort zones. They can boost your foreplay, encourage loads of touching, and inspire play like never before, so your intimacy levels might just skyrocket.


An Ergonomic Vibrator That Pleasures Both Partners During Intercourse

SexyToken Couples' Vibrator, $50, Amazon

The SexyToken couples' vibrator has a fully waterproof ergonomic design that helps to pleasure both partners at once. It stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously while still allowing room for penetration, and because it's flexible, remote-controlled, rechargeable, and has 30 speeds and vibration settings. "I reached climax within minutes and it became our favorite toy," says one reviewer, "and my hubby love it more!"


This Gorgeous Rose That Helps Inspire Some Foreplay

Kheper Games, Inc. Fleur D'Amour, $24, Amazon

Disguised as an innocent red rose, this Kheper Games, Inc. Fleur D'Amour is actually an awesome way to get some foreplay rolling. Fold any petal back to reveal a sexy suggestion, and since petals fold right back into place, it can be reused over and over again. Best of all, this classy alternative to a pair of "sex dice" looks gorgeous on your bedside table.


This Little Toy For Pre-Sex Massages Or To Help You Reach Your O

SVAKOM Waterproof Power Vibrator, $60, Amazon

Rechargeable, sleek, and powerful, the SVAKOM waterproof vibrator is an intimidating yet satisfying toy that's great for any couple or any body part. It has five modes and five speeds, is made from medical-grade body safe materials, and works just as well on the G-spot as it does for some bathtub back massages (perhaps prior to sexy time).


A Board Game That Expands Your Sex Life A Little More Each Day

Fifty Days Of Play Game, $13, Amazon

One of the highest rated adult board games on Amazon, the Fifty Days Of Play game gives you a card and an invitation to expand your sex life over the span of 50 days. Each one is packed with naughty suggestions, exciting scenarios, and erotic surprises. "Really wonderful game for close couples looking to add a bit of kink to their love lives," says one reviewer, and another agrees, "We had a blast!"


Encourage Touch With This Creative Massage Game

Massage Seductions Game, $23, Adam & Eve

Touching is one of the best and easiest ways to add some intimacy into your relationship, and this Massage Seductions game definitely gets things rolling. It comes with a candle that melts down to massage oil, a warming heart massager, and 24 cards with playful suggestions and techniques. According to one buyer, "The variety and creativity of the massages makes for some fun, intimate times."


Get Comfortable Communicating About Sex

100 Questions About Sex, $15, Uncommon Goods

Communication is one of the easiest ways to deepen your relationship, and being more communicative with your partner about sex could lead to a better understanding of one another's preferences and fantasies. 100 Questions About Sex comes with 100 playful and provocative cards that are rated from X to XXX, so you can work your way up to the intimate questions or just dive right in.


This Super Portable Toy For Stimulation Anywhere

AUQITEK Love Bullet, $30, Amazon

The AUQITEK Love Bullet is small, discreet, shaped like a tube of lipstick, and so powerful. Needless to say, it's an awesome toy for teasing, public play, and for some extra stimulation in the bedroom. It's rechargeable and waterproof, too, making it one of the most convenient toys in your collection. "Wow, she loves this...and what can I do to argue with that! Very powerful and holds charge for a long time," says one reviewer.


If You're Looking To Experiment With Some Light Bondage

Tastees Tie Tease Board Game, $27, Amazon

If you're looking to start experimenting with some light bondage, the Tastees Tie Tease board game is the way to do it. Complete with a tie, blindfold, dice, cards, and a board, this intriguing set has players saying things like, "It is a great way to explore dom and sub erotic pleasure with that special person in your life. My husband and I have played this game for hours of pleasure."

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