8 Relatable Memes About Having Sisters That Will Make You Say "It Me"

If you have a sister, then you probably know it's simultaneously frustrating and rewarding. To be totally honest, you probably usually find them annoying — after all, there's a reason the phrase "they fight like sisters" is so popular. It's easy to forget that having a sister (or sisters) is actually a blessing, and that you're actually lucky to have these people to argue with every single day. National Sibling Day, which falls on Apr. 10, is the perfect time to celebrate them. One way to do that? With some sister memes to share on National Sibling Day, of course. They manage to capture the worst and best things about having a sister, all in one.

While it might seem weird to acknowledge the annoying things about having a sister on National Sibling Day, it really isn't. Anyone with a sister knows that picking at each other is really just part of the deal. I have a younger sister, and we fight just as much as we laugh.

In all seriousness, having a sister can be really complicated, so it's hard to talk about all of the good stuff without joking around about the bad stuff too. That's why sharing funny memes is such a great way to show your love for your sister — it can be good for you to laugh about the annoying stuff. Celebrate National Sibling Day with these memes, whether you send them in a text or post them online:


The Face You Make When You Let Them Take The Blame

If you're the younger sister, admit it: you've done this before.


This Perfect Explanation Of Sisters

Having a sister is screaming at each other one minute and laughing at each other the next.


Sisters Are Also Really Protective Of Each Other

Honestly, I can say whatever I want about my sister, but if you even think something mean, I will not be OK with it.


The Real Problem With Sisters

What is that problem? Oh, just that steal literally every single item of clothing you own whenever they can.


This One That Explains This Situation Perfectly

Again — do not say anything bad about someone else's sister. Ever!


This Is What Sibling Jealousy Is Like

The other negative side to having a sister? You guys constantly compare yourselves to each other.


The Meme That Captures This Sweet Moment

Every once in a while, having a sister can be really great. And isn't that kind of what National Sibling Day is about?!


This Meme That Explains Everything

Yes, sisters can be annoying, but honestly? You'd be nowhere without them. Now go give your sister[s] a hug!