Lincoln's Instagram Reveals So Much About This 'Bachelorette' Star

ABC/Paul Hebert

The initial Bachelorette reveal of the first five contestants would seem like they're getting an advantage in the journey to win Becca's heart — since they met her early — but it doesn't hurt that some of them seem like great guys right off the bat. Time to take to social media and see what these guys are like in their daily lives. According to Lincoln's Instagram, this Bachelorette contestant is just as chill as he initially appeared to be on the show.

"I watched what you went through [with Arie and] I applaud you ... for being able to put yourself back out there," Lincoln told Becca when he met her during Arie's finale. "At the end of tonight is also my birthday, so I can't ask for a better birthday present than having you here as the Bachelorette, and I really mean it."

After initially putting down Arie — which, let's be real, was the move on that night — he focused on her and it was really sweet. Plus, not only did he introduce himself as "Lincoln, like the President" at the reveal, the connection has a story according to his official bio from ABC.

'Originally from Nigeria, Lincoln moved to Boston when he was a teenager and later attended college in Kentucky. He always dreamed of living in California and recently saw that dream come true when work brought him to Santa Monica. Lincoln would love to have a big family to make his mom proud. Fun fact, Lincoln was named after Abraham Lincoln."

You can follow this Bachelorette contender @linkin_ on Instagram. Between all of the gym pictures (and there are a lot of gym pictures), here is a look at Lincoln's IRL lifestyle. There are unfortunately not a lot of videos, so you won't get a taste of his dreamy accent by browsing. He has a Twitter account too, but either hasn't tweeted anything yet or did that new diva move of deleting everything in a snap flash.

1. He Really Does Love His Mom

Well, you would hope so — but how adorable are they?!

2. OK, But Seriously...

The cutest family. That's his brother as well, and a ton of sunnies.

3. He Likes The Water...

By the looks of his Instagram, Lincoln's life is pretty laid back. A good percentage of his posts are by or on some body of water.

4. And The High Seas

Excellent pirate costume. Very Ron Swanson.

5. He's Down To Catch A Show

Couple 'grams from music festivals and concerts as well.

6. He Has Lots Of Good Bros

It's clear from these pictures that his friends are important to him, and he's got some long-lasting relationships. There's always a good time to be had.

7. And College Basketball Opinions

These aren't necessarily important unless you also have them, but if you do... this is where Lincoln stands. He's a Kentucky grad and superfan, naturally.

8. He's Got Something ELSE In Common With Ron Swanson

Honestly, there's a lot going on in this post. First of all, he used to want to keep his birthday a secret (like Ron Swanson)... but one of his pals discovered that it's in March. If you go to the 'gram and look at the date — his friend got it pretty close! So Lincoln is in fact a Pisces. Also important is that his friends call him "Linky," which is pretty great.

Hang on... according to E! Bachelorette host Chris Harrison described Lincoln as "drama, drama, and more drama." How could that possibly be so? The dude spends ever minute either pumping iron or floating out to sea. Maybe he has a less chill side that these Instagram posts are cleverly hiding from the world. Bachelor Nation will just have to wait and see when the show premieres.