8 Things To Know About The Cast Of VH1’s 'Beauty Bar'

Reality TV obsessives rejoice! There’s a new guilty pleasure show coming your way. Ready for it? VH1's Beauty Bar will give you a glimpse into the glossy, cutthroat world of hair in NYC. The young stylists are talented, hungry, and game to join in the drama.

The show follows the stylists of House of Dolls, one the hottest salons in Manhattan's Inwood neighborhood — an area rich with old New York and Dominican influences. If you drop by before a trip out to one of the neighborhood's many clubs, things are sure to turn up a bit. Land a prized appointment here, and you're getting pampered by the best of the best. The team is small and intimate, like many work families, but like any family, there's plenty of gossip and head-butting in front of and behind the scenes.Throw in the variables of career ambitions and professional competition, and you've got yourself some explosive entertainment.

Looking forward to the premiere of VH1's Beauty Bar, we're rounding up a few "need-to-know" tidbits about this eclectic and dynamic cast. Make sure to catch the premiere of VH1's Beauty Bar on VH1, February 28th at 10/9c.

1. Boss Henry Runs A Tight Ship


Being the boss isn't easy, but for House of Dolls' owner Henry, the hustle and satisfaction of a great business day is worth it. As a sought-after colorist and extensions master, this proud Dominican hair couturier has a lot to juggle. Though he's managing a staff of strong (and difficult) personalities, he's never one to shy away from putting his foot down and reminding them of the cardinal rule: the customer is always right.

2. Tess Keeps The Business Running & Supports The Staff


When it comes to the coin behind the business, Tess is your girl. This half-Spanish beauty provides the money for the operation, while Henry plays the public face and the mayor. Expanding the brand of House of Dolls is her first priority, with sights set on opening up an L.A. branch. While she doesn't hesitate to crack the whip with the salon staff, she's just as fierce of a support system as she is a shoulder to cry on.

3. Princess Is "The New Girl"


This Inwood native and master "weave-ologist" spent time honing her craft in Atlanta, and is back in her hometown ready to show off her skills (and boss Henry is taking notice). Some of the other veteran stylists aren't in a rush to make friends, and see her as "the new girl," but with a best friend at the salon, and her career going well, she's owning her homecoming success.

4. Vee Keeps The Conversation Going


Colorist extraordinaire and bonafide spark-plug, Vee isn't one to hold back her opinions and her hilarious observations. In her own words, she's an "unfiltered loudmouth." Whether she's talking about the new girl she's dating, or just a funny thing that happened to her that morning, Vee keeps the energy in the room up. Just don't cross her, cause she won't hold back her opinions.

5. Thalia Is The Boss' Bestie


As the salon's in-house makeup artist, uptown girl Thalia can paint a face like none other. In addition to pulling in a high-end clientele of beauty disciples and uptown glamour girls, Thalia is Henry's ride-or-die best friend. They maintain a united front in any and all conflicts, which regularly puts her in the middle of any controversy. But this scene-y vixen handles it all with class and confidence.

6. Kevin Is The Beauty Boy Prodigy


As the salon's youngest employee, makeup artist Kevin plays the part of the savvy millennial beauty boy. With a family that didn't accept his homosexuality, Kevin had a tough upbringing being bounced from home to home. But with a serious eye for color, an unconventional taste in makeup, and a flair for social media, this 25-year-old beauty boy is sure to become a serious power-player.

7. Rell Is The Ultimate "Slashie"


House of Dolls' resident dreadlock expert isn't limited to one passion. His side-hustles include chef, singer, stylist and model. And though he has big dreams beyond his current life, rejection is a present fear in the back of his mind (as it would be for any creative person) and being a gay black man compounds the fear. But with his bestie Princess at his current job, the support and fun of work is enough for the moment.

8. Notik Takes It All In


The house barber Notik generally stays out of the fray, and tends to take everything in. With his own hip-hop label he runs on the side, he has plenty going on. The one person he won't ever stay neutral with is his bestie Vee, whose back he has for better or for worse.

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