Watching These Millennials Get The ’90s Wrong Will Totally Infuriate You


Millennials may claim to be '90s kids, but how would today's youth fare with the technology, fashion, and lingo of 20 plus years ago? The reality show '90s House on MTV aims to figure out just that — and the reactions to old technology will infuriate those who actually remember the '90s. This show could do an entire episode on finding the eject button and it would be compelling.

In the show's debut episode, it was frustrating enough to watch the group freak out over losing their smartphones, ability to research one another on social media, and keep in touch with their followers. While it's totally relatable on one level, this is the type of behavior that gives millennials a bad name. Someone out there who's writing about how this generation is killing Waffle House and would rather make kale chips than get a timeshare on a boat probably feels very validated watching all those selfie sticks get stowed away in a box.

Still, it'll be hard for real '90s kids to see, as the series goes on, how removed these cast members are from the decade that should have defined them. Just to put things in perspective, there are similar historical reality shows on television in the United States and Britain called Victorian Slum House, Frontier House, Coal House, Regency House Party, and 1940s House that are a real blast from the past. Living in the '90s should be a piece of cake — or so you think.

If the fact that there's a picture of a floppy disc on the wall of the '90s House doesn't make your eyes roll at the "novelty" of the recent past, here are the once everyday items that confounded the cast in hilarious ways in the show's premiere:


The "Friggin' Phone"


Shannon asked if it actually worked, and was surprised when it did. Yes, a phone with a cord probably works better than your iPhone if you're trying to actually call somebody. The dial tone is your friend.


The Answering Machine


Do these guys' parents not have phones in the house? It's not a radio. You don't have to say "Roger, Copy That" to it, Shamanique — especially when you have one of these at your job. We all saw it.


The Boombox


They didn't know how to turn on a boom box, as if the buttons on your iPhone don't have the same symbols. Please.


The Cassette Tape Itself

One of them couldn't even get the tape out of the case. I can't.


Patrick's Vanilla Ice Hair


Oh honey, no, that's not a cool look, even for the '90s.


Lance Bass & Christian Milian


OK... the one time that the group earned whatever '90s cred they have was when the hosts showed up (and later Mario Lopez) and they actually knew who was walking in the door — though the fact that Shannon said that Milian had "one of the first songs I ever downloaded to my mp3 player" was not great.


The Sitcom Theme Songs


While most of the groups nailed the basic elements of a sitcom opening in their challenge, their initial reactions to the music were hilarious. Of course it's "super cheesy" and upbeat. Don't you want to have a good time when you're watching a harmless '90s comedy? There's no reason to be scared, Lexus. Meanwhile Devin actually called his team's music "whack" — and the '90s would like that term back, please.


"Channelling My Inner Britney"


A skirt made out of ties is not exactly the '90s schoolgirl look that Sierra is going for — that type of DIY look was a little more punk. Dionne from Clueless probably also wouldn't z-snap, as Sha did during her makeover, but let's not split hairs.

Unfortunately, the group challenge took up a lot of the time in the episode, and the cast couldn't spend the whole time exploring the vintage items in their house. Fortunately, that just means we're going to have to keep watching '90s House and see what stumps these children of the digital age next — whether it's a Furbie, a Skip It, a Walkman, or the sweet sounds of dial up internet.