8 Women-Led Wineries You Can Visit Around The World

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Historically, alcohol hasn't always been a man's world. In early modern England, the production of ale was exclusively a domain for women, who were called "alewives" and would dominate production and export for centuries. But these days it's a different story. Women are heading up more and more roles in the wine industry, from the executive boards to the women blending the grapes. We may not have our feminist Sideways remake yet, but we can visit these women-led wineries around the world, which is somehow even cooler.

If you're looking for your next decadent, adult holiday, while also supporting female-run businesses, this is definitely the way forward. Running a winery is a multi-layered and intense business, and the ones on this list have women in key leadership positions, from calling the executive shots to tending to the grapes and vines at the heart of the operation. The upper echelons of wine can still be fairly male-dominated, so these wineries are breaking boundaries all over the place. All are open for visitings and tastings, so get your wine vocabulary on-point, your feminist wine-loving friends on board, and your tasting nose geared up. You're about to go on a feminist journey through some of the world's finest drinks.