Whole Foods Is Celebrating National Wine Day With A Massive, One-Day Rosé Sale

Did you know May 25 is National Wine Day? I know, I know — I'm shocked we all didn't get the day off work too. Once you clock out, though, I know the perfect way to celebrate. Whole Foods is having a rose wine sale and they're offering 20 percent off all of the rosé wines in the store, which means you can get your wine on for 20 percent less than you normally do. That's a bargain.

The sale, which lasts one day only, will conclude the spring rosé wine promotion Whole Foods has been running — and what a way to go! You probably recall how earlier in April, Whole Foods began offering a variety of 12 rosé wines from around the world, from Master Sommelier Devon Broglie and his team. These include Pure Provence & Rosè, Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde, Skouras Zoe Rosé, and Summer Water Roseé. Broglie said in a press release, "The popularity of rosé wines has never been higher, and our team worked to curate a really interesting and diverse selection for our shoppers to sample ... We are excited to share these wines and encourage shoppers to take advantage of these deals while they last!"

Don't worry, dear. We are.

With the sale ending soon and the temperatures on the rise, you better stock up now, because there's no time for rosé like summertime.

Whole Foods smelled our rosé obsession coming from a mile away and responded accordingly. Even the research is proving we're drinking it like water. Last year, Forbes reported data from Nielsen stating rosé sales had shot up 53 percent over the last year — a bigger spike than the overall wine category saw — with millennials making up the biggest group of shoppers, perhaps unsurprisingly. Beverage Daily notes rosé is preferred more in the summer especially, which isn't all that surprising. It's fruity. It's flowery. It's sweet. It'll make you sound like a wine connoisseur even though you're not. There's no time like the present to get your "rosé all day" on.

I also think Whole Foods deserves a major shoutout for always catering to our cravings. They're there for us when no one else is. We're talking about the same store that held the 12 Days of Cheese sale over the holidays... the same store that just opened a new home decor boutique featuring on a chic nature motif. They know what matters in life. They really do.

Not a fan of drinking rosé wine? I didn't know those people existed, but luckily for you, there plenty of other ways to enjoy rosé. As Bustle previously reported, you can enjoy rosé-flavored gummy bears, like these beauties from Sugarfina. These are simply perfect for bachelorette parties, girls' night, and dinner.

Or how about this rosé jelly from Drunk Jelly? Your PB&J sammie won't know what hit it. Grab a jar or 12 and say adios to that generic grape garbage you've been buying. This ish is on a whole other level.

If you're still thirsty but wine isn't your jam, maybe you'll enjoy Angry Orchard's rosé hard cider. At first, our mouths were confused. Is it wine? Is it cider? Well, it's both! As Bustle wrote in a previous article, "it kind of tastes wine, apple juice, and a flower had a baby, and then it grew up to become a goddess, and let you drink her tears." If that doesn't clarify things for you (but why?), it taste like a balanced combination of rosé and cider.

If you want to get you drank on but not actually get drunk, Welch's has the answer with non-alcoholic rosé. Experience the bubbly pink magic, minus the hangover. Hooray! I like to drink this straight from the bottle out of a straw.

Head to your local Whole Foods before the sale ends, and please drink responsibly. Cheers!