An 8-Year-Old Was Killed In The San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times reported that eight-year-old Jonathan Martinez was killed in the San Bernardino shooting Monday. Two others died in the attack, which police believe was a murder-suicide. San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said that the gunman also shot and killed his wife, Karen Elaine Smith, before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. In addition, a nine-year-old student was injured in the attack, but is currently in stable condition, according to KABC-TV.

Police say that the shooter had a criminal history, but was known to staff of North Park Elementary School, where the attack took place, and that he had claimed he was coming to the school to drop something off for his wife. He signed in upon arrival, and according to San Bernardino Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Dale Marsden, there was no indication upon his arrival that he was armed. Authorities believe that the shooter and Smith had been estranged, although they do not know why.

Burguan said that after the shooting, all of the students were removed from campus and taken to California State University San Bernardino, a nearby college. The school is expected to be closed for the next several days.

The shooting took place in a classroom for special needs children. According to police, the students were not the target of the attack, and the two who were shot had been standing behind Smith when the gunman shot her. There were 15 students in the classroom at the time of the attack, according to Burguan, all of whom have since been reunited with their families.

The shooter had a criminal history, Burguan said, including weapons and drug charges, as well as accusations of domestic violence. Burguan released no further details regarding this, however.

The shooting was first reported at around 10:27 a.m. local time, according to San Bernardino Public Information Officer Lt. Mike Madden. Within seven minutes, authorities were on the scene, and according to ABC, 150 officers from several law enforcement agencies showed up in total.

In a press conference after the shooting, San Bernardino Mayor R. Carey Davis said that "our hearts are broken," and thanked the school district for taking all steps possible to keep students safe. He said that a representative of the White House called him to express concern and condolences, and offering any aid the school district might need in responding to the tragedy.