9 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Tattoos

by Emma Oulton

Tattoos feature pretty prominently in A Series of Unfortunate Events. After all, it's one of the key ways that the Baudelaire children identify Count Olaf even in his multiple disguises. So getting an A Series of Unfortunate Events tattoo seems like a particularly fitting way to express your love for the miserable series.

If you want to declare your love for all things Lemony Snicket, there's one clear place to start: getting the iconic V.F.D. symbol tattooed onto your ankle. To an outsider, it's intriguing and attractive — but only your fellow mega-fans will know what it really is: a super-secret signal to your potential comrades (which here means your fellow members of the undercover V.F.D. organization). From there, you can step things up with the V.F.D. company motto: no-one who hasn't read the books would ever guess that the peaceful-sounding "The world is quiet here" is actually a code for all sorts of dramatic fire-related activities.

So go on, get your Count Olaf on — and display your love for these bleak books with a beautiful tattoo. For inspiration, here are some of the very boldest and best that your fellow V.F.D.-ers have to offer.


The Classic V.F.D. Insignia

The V.F.D. symbol cleverly combines the letters V, F, and D into the infamous image of the eye that keeps following the Baudelaire children around.


The Symbol AND The Motto

I love this gorgeous combination of the striking V.F.D. symbol with another typewritten touch.


An Actual Eye

If you want to capture the fear you first felt reading about Olaf's tattoo, go for something a little more detailed — to really capture that always-watching-you thrill.


A Handwritten Reminder

I don't know about you, but I never tire of looking at beautiful handwritten script tattoos — and this one will always remind you of your ultimate V.F.D. mission ... um, if you ever manage to figure out what that is.


A Cute Bookish Note

OK first — how adorable is that minimalistic book symbol?! This quirky font really captures the essence of the book series: under its dark and spooky exterior, it really is a lot of fun.


The Mysterious Sugar Bowl

The sugar bowl, or Vessel For Disaccharides, is important to both sides of the V.F.D. organization — but nobody seems quite sure why. If it's the unsolved mysteries that you so love about A Series of Unfortunate Events, they don't get much more exciting than this.


A Gothic Quill

A Series of Unfortunate Events is wonderfully gothic, and this stunning feather quill, complete (of course) with the infamous V.F.D. motto, is a breathtaking ode to this suspenseful series.


The Unfortunate Baudelaire Mansion

Take it right back to the bad beginning with this striking image of the destroyed Baudelaire mansion. You could keep it small and subtle if you prefer — but I love the way the rising smoke turns this one intricate image into a full-body mural.


Violet's Wedding Bouquet

Take an illustration straight out of the book's pages — perhaps this hauntingly gorgeous image of Violet clutching her almost-wedding bouquet.