Anthropologie Just Dropped A Ton Of Cozy Holiday Home Buys For Under $20

by Megan Grant

The holiday season is what we’re all looking forward to. Sales! Presents! Eggnog! But with the celebrations, shopping, and last-minute deadlines, the holiday rush can be stressful and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. But! It doesn’t have to be. Whether you're shopping for yourself or need to get a gift for someone else, your search is over. I've rounded up nine unique and creative yet functional and practical holiday home buys you can get at Anthropologie for under $20 — because I don't know about you, but my favorite word is "cheap."

According to a 2018 survey from LendEDU, Americans spent an average of $633 during the holiday season. Based on my calculations, that's approximately $623 too much, give or take. Even if you're a pro at sniffing out the sales, even if you're willing to camp out the night before for Black Friday deals, you'll still rack up a hefty tab — and fast — when it comes to your holiday shopping. Happens every year.

If you want something that's cute and practical and won't break the bank, head to Anthropologie and grab one of these home buys — all of which you can nab for less than $20.


Bird Can Box Pixie Santa Mug

Add a little more seasonal cheer to your holiday drinks with this delicately designed Santa-shaped mug. Created by Bristol-based crafter Liz Davies, each one is individually handcrafted and hand-painted, so you can guarantee that your mug is unique and special in its own right. Bring some North Pole magic to your kitchen and dining set for a cool $16.00.


Reindeer Wreath Hook

Get into the holiday mood with this simple and elegant wreath holder. Those of us who are a little extra (*cough* me!) will love its brilliant gold shade. This reindeer wreath holder is the perfect way to greet your guests all season round. "Hang out" (literally) with Santa’s dear reindeer friend for only $18 each.


Santa Wine Glass

Anthropologie's Santa Red Wine Glass is ready to beautify your dinner table this holiday season. Intricately designed with details that make it look extra sophisticated, this will be perfect for your $5 wine from Trader Joe's. Not only is this glass gorgeous, but it's also surprisingly enormous, capable of holding 25.5 ounces, which is roughly your standard bottle of wine. For only $18, you can get majestically wine drunk this year.


Dear Hancock Penguin Cookie Set

Whip up a batch or two of season-themed treats with this cookie set from Dear Hancock. Adorably designed with a penguin drinking eggnog, this makes a perfect Christmas gift idea for your loved ones. The set comes as one stainless steel cookie cutter along with one spatula made of silicone and wood. Sprinkle in some extra cuteness to your annual holiday cookie baking and get this now for just $12.


Jolly Dessert Plate

Share this season’s merriment and cheer with your family and friends with these dessert plates on your table. Boasting a design of star-topped Christmas trees and staying true to its name, these plates are sure to make you feel the joy and pleasure of your celebrations. For only $16, you can now have a touch of holiday magic right at your fingertips. I must say, these are much nicer than the paper plates I normally eat my dessert off of.


Jovie Juice Glass

Enjoy your favorite juice all season long with these creatively designed juice glasses. Offering four special designs, these handcrafted delights feature different tiny hand-blown glass motifs – snowmen, gingerbread men, candy canes, and Christmas trees. Each piece also caps off with a pearly white rim that adds to the classiness and elegance of the glass. Perfect for water, juice, soda, and all festive beverages, you can order now for $14. Too precious.


Bundled-Up Monogram Ornament

Decorate your tree with these monogrammed ornaments that showcase skillfully embroidered details. Made with imported wool and handcrafted to create unique pieces, these ornaments promise to add a personal touch to any home. Pick a letter for every member of the family, hang these on your tree, or gift them to your loved ones — for just $10 each.


Mini Capri Blue Volcano Jar Candle

Bring together striking visuals and heavenly aromas and you have these scented holiday candles from Capri Blue. These blend together tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, and exotic mountain greens to give off a soothing scent perfect for the season. These candles come in white and silver and can run to up to 25 hours of burn time. Light up your holidays for only $12.


Stargazer Copper Twine Lights

Illuminate your home with twine lights — because it usually ends up being the little details that make a huge difference. Featuring bendable copper wires, this spool of warm white LED lights can brighten both indoor and outdoor areas. It has a water resistant transformer and runs five feet in length. For $12, it's a steal.