8 Bachelorette Party Must-Haves That Get The Party Started Right

So, your best friend (or future sister-in-law or cousin or former college roommate, etc.) is getting married and has appointed you Maid of Honor. Congratulations! You earned it. But you know you have your work cut out for you, right? Being a part of the bridal party (or “bride tribe,” if you will) comes with a lot of responsibility — not least of which is planning a bachelorette party.

Once upon a time, bachelorette parties were a one-night celebration to send the bride-to-be off into married life in style. They involved cute outfits, a sash and tiara, and maybe even a limo ride if you were feeling real fancy. But in recent years, bachelorette parties have become an excuse to head out of town for a full-on weekend affair. Sounds fun, sure, but it also means a lot more logistical planning.

Corralling a group of friends through a weekend of revelry will take preparation, stamina, and strategically scheduled down time (because no one expects anyone to party for 48 hours straight). But you got this! And it will all be worth it; trust me. To help you, here are a few must-have bachelorette party supplies to have on hand.


Games That Test How Well You Know The Bride

Party guests are bound to know the bride from different areas of her life: work, college, family friends. Ice-breaker games are a great way for the whole group to get to know each other at the start of the weekend. Choose games that test everyone's knowledge of the bride. (After all, you might as well bond over the one thing everyone has in common!)


Skincare Essentials For A DIY Spa Session

No girls' weekend away is complete without a little pampering — so plan a blissed-out spa hour. Sheet masks are the least messy, most travel-friendly route to go. Bring basic manicure supplies, too, like clippers, a cuticle trimmer, and of course, a selection of festive nail polish.


Glass Markers To Keep Track of Drinks

It’s safe to say there will be plenty of beverages floating around the festivities. These glass markers are a charming way of keeping track of whose drink belongs to who.


Polaroid Camera For Spontaneous Documentation

Arguably the worst part about smartphone cameras and group-picture taking is people becoming super critical about how they look. (Think: "No, I took terrible. Take another!") With Polaroids, you can just snap the pictures, print them, set them down to develop, and forget about them until the next morning. Polaroid pics also make for great scrapbook material.


Piñata Filled With Party Sustenance

If a piñata doesn’t put people in an instant party mood, I don’t know what will. Fill yours with starchy snacks to soak up the adult beverages: pretzels, potato chips, etc.


Accessories For the Perfect Photo Op

As the saying goes: What happens at the bachelorette party… ends up on the ‘gram. Bring fun props to commemorate the upcoming nuptials as you pose for pictures.


Portable Speaker For Nonstop Dancing

If you're renting a large house to stay in, a portable speaker lets you bring the party with you wherever you go — from the living room to the back deck.


Matching Pajamas To End The Night

Matching shirts to go out in can be cute, but are a little over done. Let party-goers wear what they really want to when you go out, then end your night in matching pajamas instead. Bonus: Wear them to breakfast the next day!