9 Playlists That’ll Make You Nostalgic For Back To School


As these waning days of summer slowly get shorter and chillier, many of us wax nostalgic for our younger school days. There’s just that feeling in the air, right? Anticipating the shorter days of the upcoming fall season may leave you revisiting fond memories of back to school days, when life was maybe just a bit simpler. And there's nothing like a good back to school playlist to make you throw it back to the days when #adulting wasn't a thing. Even if you're not headed back to school in a few weeks, the end of summer will always feel synonymous with new books and a new year.

While there’s no doubt that our daily adult responsibilities can add up, it’s amazing what the perfect music at the right time can do. Music has a power to recall moments from our personal histories with so much detail, it’s almost eerie, and it can be super moving and inspiring, too. For me, there’s really nothing like blasting an amazing playlist to reconnect with my energy, inspiration, and the will to face whatever comes my way. If it makes me nostalgic for that special transition between summer and fall? Even better. These nine back to school playlists give you all the inspiration you need to savor the last of these sun-drenched days, while feeling nostalgic for summers past.


For '90s Babies

How is it even possible that the '90s were 20 plus years ago, you might ask? In whatever way you remember the '90s, these throwbacks are sure to inspire more nostalgia than you can shake a stick at.


In The Days Of Lauren Hill

When Ms. Lauren sings in that way she does, that nothing even matters ... everything just kind of comes into perspective, right?


For That End Of Summer Road Trip

Nothing says wrapping up the summer like squeezing in just one more road trip. And nothing completes a road trip quite like the perfect playlist. Done deal.


For When You Gotta Dance Like It's 2009

Remember where you were when you first heard "Poker Face"? If you started school around the late aughts, this playlist will make you feel like you're right back there.


Because, Adele

Adele's penchant for creating classic-sounding soul tracks is spot on for when you just need a minute (or 60) to be all up in your feelings. And a full playlist of Adele is perfect for when that just so shade of nostalgia hits, and all you want is to bask in those memories for a bit.


No Doubt Throwbacks Galore

"Push and Shove", "Settle Down", and "It's My Life": perfect for when you need mad energy, a dose of youthful empowerment, and maybe, you just need to dance it out for a bit.


Because Amy Is Essential

Amy Winehouse songs evoke a certain period in my life like nothing else. Great soul / jazz singers are sooo very good at nailing that perfect combination of melancholy, deep emotion, a bit of joy, and in Amy's case, some humor, too.


For Radiohead Fans

Listening to a mix of Radiohead is kinda the perfect way to get way emo while admiring some truly great songwriting. And with over 20 years of tracks to choose from, there's a lifetime's worth of nostalgia here for anyone. Some truly lovely tracks here — and just a tad bittersweet, too.


Because Sometimes You Need A Bunch Of Rock Anthems

Just go listen to "Under the Bridge", and follow it up with "Are You Gonna Go My Way," and everything will be fine. Promise.


The right music at the right time can be just what we need when we want to bask in a bit of nostalgia. And a great playlist can be the perfect way to take some time, enjoy these final days of summer, and remember all the things you loved about your younger years, while appreciating all the ways in which you've grown and evolved since then, too.