9 Beauty Products I Use When I'm Sick & Want To Look Like I'm Not

Although we're coming to the tail end of winter, it's still sickness season. So whether you've had a case of the sniffles or the full-blown flu, chances are you've wondered what beauty products to use when you're sick at some point this winter.

I've managed to avoid cold symptoms for most of the winter, and save for a nasty case of the flu, I've (knock on wood) stayed pretty healthy all winter long. When you're bedridden with something like the flu, beauty products are pretty much the last thing on your mind (trust me). When you're not feeling 100 percent but still have to go about your day-to-day life, it's always helpful to have some go-to beauty products that make you feel slightly more human.

Whether it's a soothing cleanser that won't hurt dry, irritated skin or a go-to concealer with eye-brightening and spot-covering powers, it's always nice to have products you just know are going to make you feel your best, despite feeling sick.

Feel a cold coming on? Know seasonal allergies are going to make your life miserable in just a few short weeks? These nine products will help you feel your best while you're on the road to recovery.

1. Oil Cleanser

Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser, $33, Amazon

When I'm feeling sick, the last thing I want to do is scrub my already-dry skin with a harsh exfoliator. That's why I love using a soothing oil-based cleanser like this one from Skinfix.

2. Hydrating Mist

Lemon Light Hydrosol, $18, Hellowildcare

There's nothing like a soothing facial mist, and the lemon scent of this one comes through even when your nose is stuffed up.

3. Soothing Moisturizer

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, $68, Amazon

I love the way water creams hydrate without feeling heavy or greasy, and this one from Sunday Riley is so soothing. It's perfect for sensitive and dry skin that's red and chapped from blowing your nose often.

4. Lip Mask

Skinfood Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask, $6, Amazon

It's a little gross, but having a stuffed up nose means doing a lot more breathing through your mouth than normal. And that's a recipe for getting dry, chapped lips. A fun collagen mask like this will hydrate your lips and cheer you up when you're feeling under the weather.

5. Lip Salve

Rosebud Salve, $7, Amazon

I love the pretty tin this salve comes in, and it's perfect for using on chapped lips and the dry patches around your nose. The salve adds a nice pretty pink tint to your lips too.

6. Smudge-Proof Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Mascara, $9, Amazon

This tubing mascara is my secret weapon because of my dry, itchy, sensitive eyes. Mine are sensitive year-round, and I'm prone to my mascara sliding right off my eyes if I don't pick the right formula. This one from L'Oreal is a great drugstore option, and it's perfect for when your eyes are watering more than normal.

7. Brightening Concealer

Pixi By Petra Correction Concentrate, $15, Amazon

Whether it's my pale skin or super dark under eye circles, I'm usually in desperate need of a good concealer to brighten up my face when I'm sick. This option from Pixi is perfect for covering dark under eye circles.

8. Highlighting Pencil

Benefit High Brow, $22, Amazon

I use this pencil every day on my brow bones and in the inner corners of my eyes, and I love how it brightens up my whole eye area and makes me look wide awake. It's even more of a must-have when I'm feeling sick.

9. Time-Saving Dry Shampoo

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Let's be real — when you're sick, the last thing you want to do is spend time washing your hair. That's why a go-to dry shampoo is so handy. This version from amika adds volume, soaks up oil and quite literally perks up your hair. And like the rest of amika's products, it smells amazing (even if you can't really smell it through your stuffed up nose...).