9 Best Car Boot Sales In The UK, Because They're Guaranteed To Have Hidden Gems


Whether you’re trying to be a bit more sustainable with your shopping habits or love finding hidden treasures to sell on for a profit, car boot sales are a super easy and accessible way to find really unique pieces at bargain prices. From dining room tables, pictures, old toys, and so much more, you can literally find anything at car boot sales and mooching around one is a really relaxing way to spend the weekend. Here are nine of the best car boot sales in the UK. Gone are the days when markets were reserved for your Nan and her friends. People travel far and wide to sell the things they no longer want and if you look hard enough you may stumble across something truly unique.

Sustainable shopping is an incredibly easy way to do your bit to help the environment. By recycling old furniture and selling it on at a car boot sales or finding new pieces for yourself it cuts down on the amount of waste we create. There's something so interesting about walking around car boot sales, seeing the different things people have to sell, and even treating yourself. Now it’s summer and the weather is slightly warmer, walking around car boot sales on a weekend morning can be a lot of fun. And the beauty is they’re all over the country. Here are nine of the best car boot sales you have to check out.