These Are 42 Of The Most Brilliantly Practical Inventions You Can Buy On Amazon

by Shayna Murphy
Amazon / Bustle

As the kind of person who strives to live as simply as possible, I always find myself drawn to practical inventions that take the stress out of everyday tasks. Whether it's folding laundry or prepping meals in advance for the week ahead, chores like these can be tedious as hell, but I've found that they tend to go down a lot easier if you've got some help along the way.

Enter Amazon. Sure, the site is a great place to find all kinds of stuff on the cheap, but more importantly, it's a mecca for the sort of weird, inventive products that make annoying tasks easier to accomplish. If you're looking to save time on chores, there's a good chance you can track something down on Amazon that'll help you do it in half the time. Or you'll just find something that's so practical, it eliminates a problem you never thought you'd solve.

Life's too short to spend time stressing on a to-do list. With the incredibly practical products on this slideshow, you can erase the time-suck that certain ordinary tasks create. The best part? You can start using all that free time to focus on the things you really love instead, so it's virtually a win-win situation.


This Cleansing Stick That Totally Erases Blackheads And Whiteheads

Looking for a way to erase blackheads and whiteheads? This Korean multi-stick bar could be the perfect solution. Made with charcoal, which helps detoxify and smooth skin, this bar absorbs sebum while also removing the dead skin cells that can lead to damaging breakouts. Most reviewers recommend using this bar once to twice a week and rolling in across skin to hit those target areas. "Quick and easy," noted one reviewer. "As a person with dry skin, I had doubts about using 'pore cleaning' stuff on my face but it worked quite well. Yes I felt a bit dry (as usual) but the skin felt soft and nice the next day."


This Stylish, Touch-Control Desk Lamp That's Easy On Your Eyes

Perfect for desks and side tables, this flicker-free LED lamp is slender and ultra-modern, with a sleek design that helps cast a soft, wide light. Equipped with a touch-sensitive control so you can adjust the dimmer to choose between seven brightness levels, this energy-efficient light consumes less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. Made with an adjustable head that you can rotate to fit any angle, it also features five color modes and a USB charging port for added convenience.


A Slide-Out Storage Container That's Great For Small Bathrooms

If you need additional kitchen or bathroom storage space, this sliding storage tower is a must-have. Designed to fit snugly into even the tightest spaces — like that slim area between the fridge and the counter — this tower comes with three shelving tiers, which are perfect for stashing everything from shampoo and conditioner to cleaning supplies. This tower rolls out on wheels for easy access and is made from durable plastic, so it's easy to wash and maintain.


An Innovative Make-Up Brush Cleaner That's Super Fun To Use

This combination cleaner and dryer is a real gamec=hanger when it comes to caring for makeup brushes. It can clean and dry all brushes, regardless of size, in just a matter of seconds and comes with eight rubber holders, which help keep any brush in place while cleaning. This device works in three simple steps: just attach the brush to the spinner, pour in soap and water, and then dip and spin to clean. To dry your brush, just raise and spin — it's literally as easy as that. Plus, it's fun to use and won't take up a ton of space on your vanity or countertop.


A Drain Catcher That Literally Picks Up Everything

Clogged drains are no fun, especially when you have to snake out clumps of hair months after the fact. Luckily with the TubShroom, you can make this oh-so-gross occurrence a non-issue, for good. This flexible drain stop is cylindrical in design, fits most drain sizes, and is designed to catch every hair that works its way toward your drain, all the time. It's also incredibly easy to clean — just wipe it down.


This Closet Organizer That Can Make Big Messes Disappear

This weird but genius clothes organizer system can help even the messiest person transform their drawers into neatly ordered stacks. Made from recycled plastic, this compact folding aid looks like an expanding file folder and can help you go through huge piles of clothing in half the time it would ordinarily take you to do it manually. This also can be a great tool for organizing important letters, coupons, bills, or other files.


A Roll-On Pain Reliever That Tackles The Source Of Pain Instead Of Masking It

Unlike most topical pain relievers that simply mask the pain with cooling or warming sensations, the Penetrex pain relief roll-on uses transcutaneous pain relief technology to soothe any unwanted inflammation, thereby eliminating most sources of pain. Paraben-free, non-staining, non-greasy and with a vanishing scent that won’t leave you smelling like medicine, the creators of this roll-on pain reliever are so confident in their product that they even offer a no-hassle, no questions asked and no time limit refund policy.


This Weird AF Brush Cleaner That Actually Works

This innovative knife and cutlery brush is unlike any other that you'll find out on the market. Shaped like a mouth, this tough-bristled brush cleans both sides of a knife at once, effectively saving you a ton of time when you're doing dishes. Also featuring a textured handgrip, this brush fits comfortably in the hand and dries easily and quickly.


This Straightening Brush That Works Wonders On Tangled Hair

This brilliant hot air paddle brush — which dries and styles hair on the first try and helps cut styling time in half — also leaves behind any of the tell-tale signs of heat damage, like frizz and split ends. Equipped with multiple functions, this paddle brush also works as a volumizer and works on wet or dry hair. This ergonomically-designed, lightweight paddle brush is also designed to fit easily in a backpack or travel suitcase, so you can take it with you on trips.


These Freezer Bags That Make It Easy To Pack And Reheat Whole Meals

This freezer bag storage system can help you manage your meals and get rid of bulky, space-stealing containers all at once. With this system, you can freeze perfectly portioned meals in zipper closure freezer bags and store them in the cube itself, which comes with shelves that allow air to circulate, so freezing time is reduced and meals maintain their quality for longer. The shelves themselves also come with a lip, so you can label each and find exactly what you're looking for, each time.


A Cosmetic Bag That's Great When You're On-The-Go

Whether you're planning a big trip or you just hate rifling through your makeup bag to find everything you need, this massive bag is about to make everything so much easier. This bag lays out flat and is ample enough that it can fit virtually any cosmetic product, plus it comes with an interior zippered storage pocket and elastic brush holder so you can separate products. This also features a raised lip, to keep products from falling off countertops, and a drawstring cord that can cinch closed and make traveling with a breeze.


This Clip-On Strainer That Will Save So Much Cabinet Space

When you need to strain boiling water from pots and pans, this brilliant silicone strainer can help keep the problems to a minimum. All you have to do is clip it on the side of a pot or pan, then tilt to drain the water after cooking pasta or boiling vegetables. You won't have to worry about any of your food spilling out toward the drain, or your hands getting scalded in the process of trying to cook, and one reviewer writes: "A gadget that actually works! I've used it on two different sizes of pots and had the same great result. Much easier to use and clean than a colander."


This Portable Wall Outlet That Can Charge Virtually Anything

This innovative and convenient wall outlet features two USB ports and three AC ports — so you can easily charge laptops, tablets, and so much more without taking up a ton of space. It lays flush against the wall, and it's great for travel and hotels where there won't be a ton of outlet space.


A Console Table That You Can Use To Store Books, Laptops, And More

This console table can help make working on your laptop so much easier and comfortable. It's adjustable, comes on wheels, and can slide easily under your sofa, so it gets as up-close-and-personal as you need. Another reason why this table rocks? It comes with a side basket, which you can use to store newspapers, magazines, or even an extra book, so everything you need stays within reach at all times.


This Bedside Caddy For When You Need Extra Storage Space

This bedside caddy is slim yet spacious enough to fit glasses, phones, cords, and even remote controls — and best of all, it can replace a bed stand if you don't have a place to put your glasses or phone at night. It has one pocket, and then the flap can easily go underneath a mattress or on the side of a chair. One reviewer even writes: "Loved it so much we bought a second one. Really sturdy and holds a fair amount."


This Multifunctional Tool That's Like Having A Mini Tool Box At Your Disposal

Whether you're trying to cut open a box or open a bottle, this multitool clip comes in handy in ways you've likely never thought possible. This tactical tool has a variety of functions: it serves as a ruler and small screwdriver, bottle opener, serrated knife, and more. It's made of long-lasting stainless steel and is so discreet that you can actually wear it as a hair clip.


A Moldable Glue That's Amazing For All Kinds Of DIY Projects

What kinds of things can you use this moldable glue for exactly? For starters, anything. Formulated from silicone, this moldable glue bonds to virtually anything and sets as a firm but soft silicone rubber. Whether you need to seal up a crack or mount something, this heat- and cold-resistant glue is an ultra-durable solution, and since it can bond to glass, ceramic, metal, wood, and plastic, you don't have to worry about it going to waste. This glue can also hold more than four pounds and can be a great way to hang things up without drilling into any walls.


This Incredibly Convenient Cup Holder That Functions As A Great Travel Accessory

With this drink holder, you not only get a convenient place to set your drink in that isn't the floor or a bench, but you also can go hands-free, which can be necessary so you don't have to fumble later around for your tickets or other important documents. Since this holder is self-leveling, attaches to most carry-ons, and can fit cups and bottles, this is a travel must.


These Eco-Friendly Towels That Clean Any Surface With Just Water

These Nano Towels are the ideal green alternative to paper towels: they capture liquid, dust, dirt and other nasty stuff and can clean virtually any surface. Unlike other microfiber towels, these towels are made with an innovative fabric and can leave surfaces looking spotless without any chemical cleaning agents — because this works with only water.


The Adjustable Lap Desk That Keeps Your Laptop From Overheating

Perfect for laptops, iPads, tablets and more, the Mind Reader adjustable lap desk has eight different adjustable angles so that you can find the perfect viewing position no matter how you’re sitting. While the space-saving design allows it to fold completely flat when in storage, the dual-bolster pillows situated underneath the desk provide comfort and stability while providing ventilation so that your laptop does not overheat. One college student who left an Amazon review even said that “This desk is my favorite studying tool, and I’ve recommended it to everyone who listens because it’s honestly that great.”


An LED Flashlight With Three Different Modes For Every Occasion

Sure it may look like just another flashlight, but unlike many of its competitors on the market the Safe Bright LED flashlight has three different settings that you can flip back and forth from with the simple click of a button: lantern, emergency red flashing, and COD LED — a new type of LED that produces more lumen output per square inch than a regular LED. Made of military grade hard anodized aluminum and featuring a powerful magnetic base for hands-free work, this flashlight comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a free nylon holster and batteries.


These Silicone Baking Sheets For Tastier, Perfectly Crispy Treats

These silicone baking sheets help deliver perfectly even distribution for all your cooking needs, whether you're preparing a frozen pizza or some homemade cookies. Because these sheets are nonstick, you don't have to lay down foil or parchment paper to keep things from getting stuck-on. Built to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these sheets are also incredibly easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe these mats dry with warm, soapy water, then they'll be good to reuse again and again.


This Clip-On Reading Light That Bookworms Will Totally Enjoy

If you're a book lover, this clip-on reading light is about to become your new favorite accessory. It adjusts up to three different levels of brightness and comes with a low setting that's perfect if you're reading in bed and don't want to wake up your partner. Because this light is completely adjustable and comes with a 360-degree head, the light is perfect for whatever reading position you're in and comes with an easy-to-use clamp holder, so it always stays in place, too.


This Stand That Makes It Super Easy To Shave In The Shower

This portable shower footrest can help you achieve the ideal balance in the shower as you're shaving your legs — even in tighter, more narrow spaces. Made of non-rust aluminum and high-grade plastic, this stand comes with non-slip rubber grips and is completely adjustable, so it'll always fit exactly when you need it to.


An Outlet Cover That Doubles As A Space-Saving Shelf

This is one of those products where you had no idea it existed, but in the minute you’ve discovered it you’ve already come up with 30 different ways you can incorporate it into your home. The ECHOGEAR outlet shelf is a small, space-saving shelf that you install where your existing outlet cover is. Able to hold up to 10 pounds, the built-in cable management channel allows for easy access to the outlet while keeping cables looking tidy. One Amazon reviewer even raved that “I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for this type of storage solution!!”


These Silicone Tea Bags That Deliver The Perfect Cup

Your fingers won't be at risk of getting burned by hot tea with these silicone tea bags, which also allow you to infuse your drinks with all the flavors you crave. Available in five brilliant colors that can serve to identify your cup at a dinner party, the holes allow flavor to disseminate but keep unwanted leaves from floating in your cup. These bags are also transparent, so you can clearly see the tea leaf weight, and come with a rope that you can fix to the edge of your cup and easily remove from hot tea.


These Toaster Bags For When You Want To Make The Gooiest Grilled Cheese

Yummy grilled cheese sandwiches are just a pop in the toaster away with these bags: just slip your untoasted bread and cheese in the bag, then set it in the toaster and presto. These baggies are also a great way to save on energy and electricity, and are a safe way for kids to make grilled cheese sandwiches themselves without turning on the stove. It's also useful for foods like chicken nuggets, and can keep things uncontaminated for people with allergies.


These Bottle Caps That Keep Beer Tasting Fizzy And Delicious

Sometimes it's tough to finish a whole pint, and when that happens, it helps to have a set of these silicone beer caps around. Designed to lock in freshness, these dishwasher-safe and completely reusable lids can fit most bottle sizes and are a great way to preserve the rich flavor of your favorite brew, even when you may not be able to finish a beer in one sitting. Best of all, these six caps are also color-coded, so you can share them with friends without wondering which beer belongs to whom.


These Reusable Mesh Bags That Eco-Conscious Shoppers Will Love

Looking for a way to make your shopping trips more green? With these lightweight but incredibly reliable mesh shopping bags, you can. Double-stitched so they can safely hold up to 11 pounds, these bags work great when you're buying produce, but can also be used in a variety of other ways — they're great to store laundry or pack lunch in, too. This set of nine see-through bags offers a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large, and can also be stored directly in the fridge.


These Freezer Bag Racks That Mean You'll Never Miss A Drop

If you love to make homemade sauces or similar grub, these racks ensure you can scoop and pour with ease — because they keep the bag completely open. They fit most resealable bag sizes and come with a non-slip rubber base, so food transfer into the bag always happens without spills. Reviewers on Amazon can't get enough of these practical racks, calling them easy to use, a great time-saver, and like "having another set of hands" in the kitchen.


A Portable Diffuser For When You Want To Bring Aromatherapy To Your Car

Smelly odors stuck in your car, no matter how much you try to air it out? If so, this portable essential oil diffuser could help you turn it all around. This diffuser works as a good alternative to air purifying bags, effectively covering up odors, allergens, and other pollutants so you get a fresh scent every time you use this. USB-powered and compact enough that it fits in most standard car cup holders, this diffuser also comes with two misting modes and seven different colored lights.


A Makeup Cleaner That You Can Use In Between Applications

Most of us don't have time when we're applying eyeshadow to clean brushes between every use, which means that brushes can quickly become a bacteria mega-paradise. Luckily, this color switch and removal sponge kit exists, because it's basically the best option for those of us who never seem to have the time to clean brushes properly. It allows you to remove powder in seconds, making it great when you're trying to apply multiple eyeshadow layers but only have one brush.


The Closet Organizer That Saves Space And Is Also Non-Slip

Taking the time to hang up all your clothes only to later discover they’ve all fallen off their hangers into a lump on the ground can get frustrating. The Paragon non-slip closet organizer is not only able to hang up to eight pieces of clothing, but the space saving design fits all eight of those pieces into the space of one. As an added bonus to being made with non-slip material, you can even allow your more delicate pieces of clothing to drip dry off the organizer rather than taking the risk of putting them in the dryer.


A Travel Disinfectant Spray Made Without Any Alcohols Or Bleach

Originally developed for use in the medical field, the Cleansmart to go disinfectant is able to kill 99.9 percent of germs using only salt, water, and electricity. That’s right — this is a cleaner that has no harsh chemicals, no alcohol, and no bleach in it. And unlike other disinfectants, this one breaks down into simple saline water and leaves zero residue on any surface you choose to clean.


The Finger Cutting Guard That Lets You Slice Quickly Without Nicking Yourself

Why risk accidentally nicking yourself with a knife when you could just use the Urban Trend finger armor cutting guard? The secure non-slip grip allows you to securely hold vegetables without fear of any slippage, and the polished vertical cutting surface allows for quick slicing without the knife getting caught on the guard itself. Oh, and the best part? It’s made out of high-quality food-safe silicone that can either be rinsed after use or thrown onto the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


An Emergency Hammer With A Proven Design Used By Police And EMS Departments

With an award-winning design that is patented worldwide, the LifeHammer safety hammer features a double-sided head with hardened steel points to shatter vehicle windows in the event of an emergency. The hammer is made with a fluorescent pin that glows if you accidentally drop it in the dark, and as an added safety bonus there’s even a protected razor-sharp blade to help you cut through a seat belt should the need ever arise.


A Wi-Fi Range Extender That Makes Your Internet Connection Stronger

Back in 2015, MSN called the Kisslin Smart WiFi Range Extender one of the best new inventions of the year thanks to its innovative user-friendly approach to setting up Wi-Fi connections. The start-up's goal was to make home Wi-Fi easier, and they delivered with this plug-and-play range extender that improves Wi-Fi strength in as little as 30 seconds. The extender comes with an app that you can download, so you can control the device from anywhere, via your phone. Its sleek design fits just about anywhere, and the company has a 24/7 hotline in case you ever have problems.


The Silicone Hair Diffuser That’s Perfect For Traveling

Trying to cram all your hot tools into a travel bag can be frustrating, so why not free up some space with the Segbeauty silicone blow dryer diffuser? Designed to fit most hair dryers, this diffuser is able to collapse and fold so that it fits easily into your suitcase without taking up any extra space. And because it’s made of silicone, you can style your hair using heat reaching up to 450degrees Fahrenheit without having to worry about potentially burning yourself on a hot attachment!


This Rechargeable Two-In-One Vacuum That Is Cheap, Cordless, And Compact

Let's unpack just how convenient and compact this vacuum really is, because not only does this two-in-one home appliance feature both an upright vacuum and a detachable handheld vacuum, the full-sized body also folds down for compact storage. As if that wasn't enough, both vacuum modes are cordless and single charge can last for 25 minutes of continuous use. But best of all, ringing up at just under 70 bucks, this vacuum is a fraction of the cost of its competitors.


The Silicone Food Storage Bins That Are Both Stackable And Collapsible

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, chances are better than good that you can peek into anyone’s tupperware cabinet and find it in a complete state of disarray — unless, of course, you have the Kitchen + Home thin bins collapsible containers. Each container is collapsible to just one-third of its original size, and the lids even snap shut so that you can stack them on top of each other and save even more space! Made from 100 percent non-toxic, BPA-free and food grade silicone, these bins are non-stick, leak-proof and able to withstand the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


This Vertical Mouse That Is Better For Your Wrist

The ergonomic design of this wireless vertical mouse allows you to rest your arm and wrist in a more natural position that traditional mice do not. This should both be more comfortable as well as help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse also features additional forward and back buttons for added convenience when browsing the web or playing video games.


This Pillow That Is Infinity More Comfortable That Your Traditional Travel Pillow

Unlike most of the C-shaped travel pillows you see littering the airports, the Huzi Infinity Pillow is designed to twist, turn, and fold to provide the type of support you need depending on your surroundings. It is filled with an adaptive downy filling that is lightweight and supportive thanks its ability to expand and intertwine to form air pockets. The outer casing is made from a bamboo rayon that that super soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

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