9 At-Home Hair Masks For When You Can't Make It To The Salon

Young woman combing hair covered with mask, indoors

Want to know the only silver lining I am currently trying to hold onto? That staying inside and not really going anywhere means not styling my hair, and being able to give it a rest from heat and product. Because of this, I am also using the opportunity to really hair mask the heck out of my locks to let it get back to its previous, hopefully healthy state. This may sound trivial, but maintaining small little goals and victories such as this have never been more important to our wellbeing. And these nine best hair masks will help you join in with me, if you so choose.

I've tried lots of hair masks over the years, and there are a few that have really stood out to me and stayed with me. I've found that the pricer the better doesn't really apply here, and there are plenty of brilliant budget masks under £10. In saying that, I've also chucked in a few more expensive formulas I think are total bomb.

From Philip Kingley's bestselling scalp mask to Olaplex and Bleach London, here are the best hair masks to get your hands on right now, so you can use this time to give your hair that extra TLC it truly deserves.