9 Best Meditation Apps Available In The UK That'll Help You Tune In & Switch Off


Turning off is hard AF. Whether it's turning off your phone, your computer, or, of course, your mind. In a world filled with a gazillion distractions — both external and internal — it can be so difficult to find stillness in your mind, and meditation can feel like an impossible task. However, these very modern problems have very modern solutions. And these solutions are more on the accessible side than, say, an expensive class. Because the best UK meditation apps are available for you to take with you everywhere, and are a fantastic way to train your brain to switch off from time to time.

The good thing about getting on board with meditations apps is that they make taking time for yourself not only super flexible, meaning it can to suit your schedule, but also super affordable. And, even though some of the apps may come with a small price tag, tools to help you gain peace of mind are the best investment you'll make all year. Trust me. Investing in yourself and your mental health is just about as priceless as it gets.

The apps listed below utilise all kinds of methods, including guided meditation, special sounds to chill you out, and even trackers to show how your practice is getting along. Before you know it you'll be making meditation and mindfulness a part of your daily routine.