5 Meditations To Soak Up The Good Vibes From This Month’s New Moon

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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August is astro-rich. The summer month will be host to not one, but two new moons, giving it double the astronomical importance and twice astrological depth. And, of course, giving us two chances to connect to our inner most selves, as new moons are the ultimate prompt for ~realizing things~. On August 1 (though it was July 31 in some time zones) we experienced a new moon in Leo, and now, on August 30, we'll be treated to a new moon in Virgo. If you know anything about the intense energy that is Virgo, you know just how crucial meditations for the August 2019 new moon are going to be. While the new moon in Leo might have empowered us to be brave and confront our fears and hang ups, the Virgo new moon is going to give us a kick in the pants to get more serious about personal lives, our work and our futures, whether we want it or not.

The summer months give us some leeway to be a little bit more lax than usual with our lives — mentally and physically. Up until now, we've been getting by just fine with messy rooms and untidy minds, but all of that is going to change when the new moon rises dark in the sky in Virgo. That earth sign energy is going to illuminate all of the things in our lives that are out of place and make them impossible to ignore. Aka, if you've been taking it easy this summer, you're about to have a lot on your plate. Here are some meditations that will help you sort through the emotional and physical messes that you have ahead of you, so that you can move into the peak of Virgo season with a clear mind and space.

Get Into The Zone Meditation

Before you start sorting through your life Marie Kondo-style, you'll want to take some time to quiet your mind and reflect on the month behind you. This calming and tranquil music will allow you to follow your thoughts, slowly arriving at the work you need to do, without any anxiety going into it.

Educational Virgo New Moon Meditation

This guided meditation will teach you about the Virgo season, how it interacts with the new moon and what we can expect to feel during this time. Listen to the calming voice of the narrator to get a better sense of what's going on astrologically speaking, or allow yourself to zone out and take this time to turn our mind off.

Clear The Clutter Meditation

This 20-minute guided meditation will help you to quiet the anxious voices in your head that are allowing you to get overwhelmed by the work ahead of you. You are totally capable of what's ahead of you, so long as you approach your Virgo goals with a calm and ready mind. Don't let the mental clutter get in the way of the big picture, clear it.

Organizational Meditation

This meditation uses binaural beats to get your mind into an organizational rhythm. Listen to this meditation before you begin your self work, or listen to it while you do it. Or, even more literally, listen to this meditative music while you clean and organize your home and personal space for enhanced energy and focus.

Emotional Support Meditation

This guided meditation is pretty hands off. It offers gentle music and infrequent vocal cues that remind you that you're in a safe space, without commanding too much of your attention. If you want to set a calm vibe and listen to something that will help you get to a meditative state to sort out your feelings, this is the perfect low-key guide to get you there.