9 Cute Yet Practical Micro Bags That Were Made For The Gram

Zara / Reserved / Missguided

Are micro bags ridiculous, or a genius invention? Who really knows? But whatever you think, they're not going anywhere anytime soon — especially because almost every style has been given the teeny tiny treatment. There are backpacks and saddle bags, bucket bags and satchels, and even a retro design or two. Below are some of the cutest mini bags on the market right now.

You could blame French designer Jacquemus for the current trend. In 2018, he launched the minuscule Le Chiquito bag. But if you thought that was small, wait till you get a look at the Mini Le Chiquito. With a length of just two inches, per the Guardian, it can't even store a credit card. Parody or not, people still fell in love with it.

Thankfully, the high street hasn't gone quite that small. Yet. The bags offered up by your favourite affordable retailers are still big enough to store your essentials, but only your essentials. So if you're a hoarder, you might want to change your habits before investing in the following look.

Since these bags are smaller, they tend to come cheaper; a welcome message for your dwindling bank balance. But try not to go overboard with the purchasing. Buy only what you need and, when you're done, sell or gift your micro style to someone else.

Here's a few styles to lust after.


*Frantically transforms into a minimalist*