9 Best Natural Household Cleaning Products

For those wary of the health hazards that come with harsh chemicals, many household cleaners can seem counterintuitive to, well, cleaning. Sure, a chemical-laden cleaning agent might cut through a tough grease stain, but is it leaving toxic residue behind? On the other hand, mixing DIY baking soda and vinegar cleaning cocktails can often end in lackluster results. That's why I set out in search of all-natural household cleaners that actually work.

Going green with your household products is beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all, by cutting harmful toxins out of your cleaning routine, it reduces your family's exposure to potential health risks. For instance, your food won't pick up trace amounts of chemicals from the kitchen counter, your hands won't absorb chemicals through surface contact, and you won't be breathing in the harsh fumes. It's also better for the environment and overall air quality. Plus, in most cases, nontoxic cleaning products are actually cheaper.

I scoured Amazon in search of the best natural all-purpose sprays, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher gels, degreasers, floor cleaners, and more. Enthusiastic Amazon reviewers rave that their homes are just as clean as before they made the switch to natural bathroom and kitchen cleaners.


A Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Reviewers Swear By

Method All-purpose Natural Surface Cleaner, Pink Grapefruit, 28 ounce (3 Count), $20, Amazon

A lot of people worry that natural, all-purpose cleaners aren't as effective as products that use chemicals, but with a backing of more than 980 positive reviews on Amazon, you can be confident that Methods All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner packs the same cleaning power as it's less eco-friendly competitors. And it's not just the ingredients you can feel good about, the bottle is biodegradable and the company doesn't test on animals.


A Formula That Is Gentle On Your Skin, But Tough On Grease

Grab Green Natural Power Degreaser Cleaner (Three Pack), $20, Amazon

This nontoxic degreaser is solvent free, phosphate free, biodegradable, ammonia free, and comes in recyclable packaging. That screams green to me! The cleaner can be sprayed on stovetops, cooktop hoods, microwaves, sinks, and more to get rid of gross kitchen grease. The powerful formula can cut through the worst grease buildup and leave your kitchen looking and smelling fresh. It comes in unscented, thyme with fig leaf, tangerine with lemongrass, and red pear with magnolia.


Naturally Clean And Deodorize Your Toilet

Eco-Me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner, $9, Amazon

Sure, you may consider your toilet to be the dirtiest thing in your home, but that doesn't mean you need a toilet bowl cleaner made with harsh chemicals for it to be clean. Leave your toilet bowl sparkling with a product that is made with plant extracts. They have antibacterial properties so your toilet will be clean and germ free without any toxic fumes. It deodorizes with a natural mint scent.


A Safe Surface Cleaner That Can Do It All

Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner (Two Pack), $14, Amazon

I think this review says it all: "This stuff is excellent. I just used it to clean my entire house and it performed very well on everything from tile, glass, stainless steel, chrome, wood, laminate, computer monitors, TV's, metal, plastic, baseboards, walls- you name it, it cleaned it." The plant-based all purpose cleaning spray (it has a hint of green tea, lime, and some water) can clean anything. It's the perfect product to keep under the kitchen sink for when you need it.


A Daily Shower Spray So You Don't Have To Scrub It Later

Method Daily Shower Spray Eucalyptus Mint, $4, Amazon

Spraying down your shower on a daily basis can save you from spending hours scrubbing it later. This non-toxic daily shower spray by Method dissolves stains and protects your walls, curtains, and shower doors from soap scum. It's so gentle that you can just spray it and leave it there until your next shower. One enthusiastic reviewer said, "I can't believe how well this stuff works. I used to have to scrub the glass partition to my shower every few weeks to get the mineral deposits and soap off of it. I use this every other shower at most, and the glass has been spotless for months."


A Floor Clean With A Powerful But Safe Formula

Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate (Two Pack), $11, Amazon

This baby-safe cleaning formula isn't just for new parents. If you're concerned about the harsh chemicals found in so many household products, this solution is a great alternative. Simply mix the plant-based floor solution with water and mop like you usually would. Users agree that it doesn't smell offensive and is a refreshing alternative to chemical-laden cleaners.


A Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Gel For Safe And Streak-Free Plates

Better Life Dishwasher Gel, $12, Amazon

When you're looking for a dishwasher gel, you want one that not only cleans your dishes, but also leaves them streak-free. One user said, "Better Life Dishwasher Gel has no smell, does not produce any offensive fumes while the dishwasher is running...Your mileage may vary, but our glasses come out clear, plates have no film left behind, silverware has no food particles on them, and silicone and plastic items have no residual soap."


Cleaning Wipes To Keep On Hand

Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner Wipes Clary Sage & Citrus, $9, Amazon

I find that once one person in the house gets sick, everyone gets sick. That's why I always keep disinfectant wipes on hand. They're a quick and efficient way to wipe down surfaces and stop the spread of germs. These wipes are strong enough to cut through grease, grime, and germs and can be used as a laundry pre-spotter to get tough stains out.


Use A Natural Sponge That Won't Grow Bacteria

Pura Naturals Stink Free Cleaning Sponges (Six Pack), $15, Amazon

It's counter intuitive to clean your dishes or countertops with a dirty sponge. That's where Pura sponges can help, they claim to repel bacteria and germs. They actually even repel water but grab grease, oils, fats, and chemicals. They're unique leaf-shaped design makes them great for cleaning hard-to-reach places. The sponges are made from renewable resources and have a negative carbon footprint on the environment.

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