9 Best Online Interior Design Shops That'll Transform Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Trinette Reed/Stocksy

Whether you're a homebody or hardly ever touch base, it’s so important to like your space. It sounds silly but a scented candle and some new bedding can give your room a whole new lease of life and make being in it far more relaxing. Interior design pages serve as serious life goals for me. I love nothing more than getting lost down a rabbit hole of Marie Kondo-ed kitchens and Bobby Berk designs. However, new furnishings can rack up some serious bills. So I've put together seven of the best affordable interior design online shops. If you’re broke but boujee and want to freshen up your space, you don’t need to exceed your budget.

Moving can be expensive as it is, without having to think about buying sofas and beds. While filling up your basket with twelve different types of scented candles and throw pillows is a pretty fun way to spend money, it can tot up to a pretty big total in the end. However, you don’t have to pour your savings into redecorating your space. There are so many shops out there selling unique and quirky pieces for prices that won’t make you want to cry. Here are seven of the best interior design online shops to take a snoop at if you are feeling like a change.