9 Online Furniture Shops That'll Give You Interior Goals Without Breaking The Bank

Trinette Reed/Stocksy

Whether you're a homebody or hardly ever touch base, it’s so important to like your space. It sounds silly but a scented candle and some new bedding can give your room a whole new lease of life and make being in it far more relaxing. Interior design pages serve as serious life goals for me. I love nothing more than getting lost down a rabbit hole of Marie Kondo-ed kitchens and Bobby Berk designs. However, new furnishings can rack up some serious bills. So I've put together seven of the best affordable interior design online shops. If you’re broke but boujee and want to freshen up your space, you don’t need to exceed your budget.

Moving can be expensive as it is, without having to think about buying sofas and beds. While filling up your basket with twelve different types of scented candles and throw pillows is a pretty fun way to spend money, it can tot up to a pretty big total in the end. However, you don’t have to pour your savings into redecorating your space. There are so many shops out there selling unique and quirky pieces for prices that won’t make you want to cry. Here are seven of the best interior design online shops to take a snoop at if you are feeling like a change.



While you might be used to turning to Etsy for cute handmade jewelry and unique clothing, it has a massive Homeware section. With so many independent sellers you can kit everything out from your kitchen to your bathroom for a great price. Although buying storage solutions and lighting might not always be the funnest thing with Etsy, you can pretty much guarantee that none of your friends will own the same items as you and the products are seriously pretty.


H&M Home

H&M is great for affordable clothing. It is pretty much my go to place for summer dresses. However, if you are looking to freshen up a room with a few on point touches then H&M Home will definitely have you covered. Small decorative pieces can really finish a room off or make it feel new. If you are looking for ornaments, a mirror, kitchenware, or even a duvet H&M Home is a great place to get some inspiration.


Cox & Cox

There's so much choice at Cox & Cox, you won't even know where to start. Personally, I head straight for the "Indoor Living" section, where you'll find all your faves. Think indoor plants, beautiful decorative pieces, and all sorts of accessories you can place around the house to add a touch of elegance. Prices can be steep, so look out for the smaller items with reasonable price tags.


Zara Home

Similar to H&M Home, Zara Home is a great place to pick up the pieces that'll finish off your room and make it Instagram ready. It sells seriously fashionable items like marble photo frames, ornate ring holders, and bedding that will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning for a fraction of the price that you would pay at high end shops.


TAT London

TAT was set up by House & Garden stylist Charlie Porter, and effectively works as an online treasure trove of unique vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind antiques. Whether you're after a beautiful, bespoke pottery vase or a couple of gorgeous candle sticks, TAT has got you covered. The oil paintings on sale are particularly special, and will add a true touch of class to whatever room they're hung in. Although some of the more elegant pieces are on the pricey side, you'll definitely be able to find a bargain here. And remember: these are piece that you'll keep forever.


ASOS Supply

Just because home storage is pretty essential doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty to look at. At least not if you got it from ASOS Supply. Whatever your aesthetic you can get all the essentials from ASOS and the best thing is you can throw them in your basket and get them delivered with the rest of your clothes order. Selling fashionable pieces alongside timeless, practical items you can pretty much pick up anything you will need.



With a collection of roughly 100,000 vintage and antique furniture pieces, Vinterior is a fantastic place to head if you're hoping to kit out your home. Seating, storage, lighting, textiles, and more live here, and it's more than possible to find a gorgeous tea pot for under a tenner or a framed art print for around £40. Vinterior describes itself as "THE marketplace for vintage furniture," and it's kind of hard to disagree with them.


If you have just moved or are completely redecorating finding inspiration for how you want your room to look can be tough. You don’t want the same items as everyone else but when you live a busy life you can’t always dedicate hours and infinite amounts of money on finding the perfect sofa. That’s where comes in. Supplying tables, chairs, beds, and sofas it is a one stop shop for whatever you might need, big or small. Whatever your style, there is so much choice and at such great prices it would be rude not to take a look.


La Redoute

Finding interiors that match your theme and style that don’t break all of your budgets can be a tiresome task. La Redoute sells everything from the core furniture that you build a room around to the small finishing touches that make it feel like your own. Every piece is so individual and there are some real hidden gems.


These shops prove you don’t have to splash the cash to achieve your interior goals. While some items are always going to be a little bit more pricey, there are ways to give your space a fresh new feel and leave you with some spare change to get all the candles and cushions you want.