9 Shackets To Wear When You Need A Lightweight Layer This Autumn

by Lauren Sharkey
H&M, & Other Stories

The fashion industry has a lot going for it, but one thing it's missing more of is hybrid garments. A term usually used for cars, it refers to anything that's a mixture of two separate elements. Boots that double up as trousers were a thing for a while, and now we have the shacket. Part shirt, part jacket, this design is ideal for light layering when the weather gets cooler. And thanks to the high street, there's plenty of shackets to buy right now.

Unsurprisingly, shackets have been seen on plenty of influencers looking to find a stylish way to beat the autumn chill. Many have showcased H&M's checked catwalk copy. Others have opted for chic belted versions, popping brights, and even old-school military styles.

Shackets aren't just versatile in their design. They're versatile in their styling too. Pair one with retro jeans and cowboy boots and you're onto a winner. Or try one over a floaty dress to reminisce about summers gone by while remaining toasty warm. Do it up or leave it undone. The finishing touch is entirely up to you. And when temperatures really drop, simply throw a thicker coat on over the top.

Here are some of the best affordable, adaptable shackets around.


Perfect for any transitional period, right?