9 Bizarre Sex Toys That Are Actually Super Hot

Most of the time, sex toys are pretty easy to spot. If it's shaped like genitalia and it vibrates, its primary function is relatively clear. Sometimes, however, you come across one of those bizarre sex toys that makes you tilt your head to the side, raise a pointer finger, and ask, "I intrinsically know that thing is rated at least PG-13, but why is it shaped like that — and precisely where am I supposed to put it?"

This is usually the point at which some people get a little bit intimidated. For the ones willing to venture out of their comfort zones, though, the strangest sex toys can actually be the most satisfying. With disconcerting shapes and bizarre designs comes innovation, and chances are the reason that thing you're holding looks like an abstract modern art statue is so it can pleasure you in ways an average vibrator simply can't.

If you're looking to expand your sexual silicone horizons, the internet is going to be your best resource. Not only can you find something for every body, partnership, or pleasure area, but you can do so with discreet shipping and tons of reliable buyer reviews. Check out these nine seemingly odd vibrators and other sex toys that are actually super hot — and might just become your new go-to in the bedroom.


This Sex Toy That Uses Air Instead Of Vibration For Clitoral Stimulation

Womanizer Pro 40, $124, Amazon

The Womanizer Pro 40 doesn't actually look all that sexual, but it certainly feels it. It offers eight different intensities through air touch-free stimulation, which indirectly pleasures your most sensitive areas without vibration. It's USB-rechargeable, durably constructed, and reviewers are saying things like it's "the best toy yet," and recommending that you "buy one for all of your friends."


Versatility With 30 Different Functions

Cindy & Wendy G Spot Vibrator, $25, Amazon

This thing looks more like a vacuum attachment than a sex toy, but people are pretty thrilled about the Cindy & Wendy G spot vibrator. It's great because of its versatility; it can stimulate the G spot with its sleek, curved shape, or anywhere else with the textured tongue side. "With 30 different functions, that makes this one of the better vibrators I have ever owned," says one reviewer.


This Fingertip Vibrator That's Small But Super Powerful

AIDIER Dancer Finger Vibrator, $10, Amazon

Sometimes you just need a little extra texture, and then you're there. The AIDIER Dancer finger vibrator slips right onto your or your partner's finger to deliver vibration and texture anywhere. It's also made from body-safe materials, is battery operated, and is super easy to clean.

"This bad boy is waaaay stronger than I thought it would be. It's adorable, very silky smooth, waterproof, AND it's inexpensive," raves one of many five-star reviewers. "Great little addition to a relationship or for solo play."


This Odd Purple Toy For Remote Controlled Pleasure Anywhere

IMO Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Bullet Egg, $50, Amazon

People are absolutely loving this IMO remote control bullet egg precisely because of its bizarre shape. The Ben Wa Balls design is apparently inspired by the the shape of fish and freedom of sea, and its rounded head and looped cord makes it a great toy for both internal or external stimulation. It's also remote controlled so you can pass it off to your partner, and it's USB-rechargeable and waterproof, too.


This Curvy Vibrator For Stimulating The Prostate

Utimi Silicone 10-Speed Anal Vibrator, $28, Amazon

The Utimi Silicone anal vibrator is one of the highest rated on Amazon because it has a curvy design that's specifically made to stimulate the prostate, as well as a dual motor that delivers different speeds and pulses with tons of power. Reviewers love it because it's slim and easy to insert, yet pushes up against all the right areas for the most mind-blowing experience.


This Hygienic Sleeve With Vacuum Power And Six Textures Inside

Tenga Flip Hole, $63, Amazon

The Tenga Flip Hole just took penis stimulation to the next level. Instead of your average sleeve, you've got six different textures inside, all made from soft elastomer. There are also buttons on the outside that personalize your experience with vacuum settings, so you can have perfectly customized pleasure. Here's a look at what's inside:

Cool, right? It flips open for easy cleaning and lubrication, and reviewers say it's way better than a Fleshlight because it's significantly more hygienic and has a variation of texture.


This Powerful Penis Ring That Does Double Duty

Orny Vibe Ring, $25, Adam and Eve

The Orny Vibe Ring may look like the lovechild of a mammoth and an octopus, but it's actually a super powerful penis ring that pleasures both partners at once. The stretchy ring fits most penises for added stamina and stimulation, and the vibrations travel up the horns which are positioned against the clitoris during intercourse.


This Flexible Vibrator With An Added Attachment

SVAKOM Mini Emma Power Wand Massager, $40, Amazon

Oddly shaped but surprisingly satisfying, the SVAKOM Mini Emma power wand massager has a flexible rounded head for stimulation anywhere on the body, and an added deer attachment that bends for clitoral or nipple stimulation. It's also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, discreet, and has multiple vibration speeds, all of which are pretty quiet.


This Bendable Guy You Can Wear During Intercourse

Intimina Kalia Couples' Massager, $90, Amazon

This genius little bendable toy (called the Intimina Kalia couples' massager) is actually designed to be worn during intercourse. It's coated in ultra soft and flexible silicone, and has six quiet vibration modes that stimulate both partners during penetration. It's also USB-rechargeable and has a battery life of up to two hours.

"This is one of the best vibes for both partners to enjoy during intimacy," explains one reviewer. "It not only stays in place, but it continues to give amazing sensations to both people in any position you're in."

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