These Book-Inspired Items Are Perfect For Spring Weather

by Julia Seales

After a long winter bundled up in coats and scarves, there’s nothing like warm weather in the spring to inspire your wardrobe. Put away those boots and thick fabrics: it’s time for t-shirts, summer scarves, and skirts (without tights!)

Of course, there’s always still a slight chill in the air in spring, but you can ignore that by stocking up on the best kind of wardrobe: a literary-inspired one. Nothing beats cold weather like t-shirts that celebrate your favorite book or author.

It may seem easier to find winter-inspired literary clothing. After all, there are countless winter scarves, mittens, thick socks, and hats with bookish designs. How can you find spring book clothes, when there just aren’t as many options?

Have no fear: there are just as many spring options as winter ones, and since so many books celebrate the spring, you can find your favorite quotes decorating your spring wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite book-inspired items — they're perfect for reading days in the park.


Marauders Map Skater Dress

Enjoy warm weather — and mischief — in this breezy Harry Potter-inspired Marauder's Map skater dress.

Marauders Map Skater Dress, $71, Black Milk Clothing


Persuasion Light Weight Summer Scarf

Who says scarves are only for the winter? This lightweight option features text from Jane Austen's classic love story Persuasion.

Light Weight Persuasion Scarf, $45, Storiarts


Jane Eyre T-Shirt

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking... when paired with Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre Text Tshirt, $34, Litographs


Booked Weekend Tank

Get your point across quick with this literary tank: you have spring plans, and they include reading as much as possible.

Booked Weekend Tank, $13, MoodCatz on Etsy


Sherlock Flats

Now that you can finally put away your boots, it's time to bust out the spring flats. These Sherlock Holmes-inspired shoes will transport you straight to 221b.

Sherlock Holmes Flats, $50, LeadFootLucy on Etsy


Cats And Books Skirt

This skirt has two great things: cats and books. What more could you ask for? It's a longer length and pairs well with knee socks, great for spring days that still have a chill in the air.

Cats and Books Skirt, $60, Modcloth


Golden Snitch Shorts

Channel your inner Ginny Weasley in these golden snitch shorts, great for sporty spring afternoons.

Golden Snitch Shorts, $25, SoEffingCute on Etsy


Composition Notebook Leggings

Harriet the Spy would love these leggings. They're the perfect layer for a spring day that's still a bit cold, and they pair well with spring sweaters and notes about your neighbors.

Composition Notebook Leggings, $16, Out of Print


LOTR Tshirt

Go on a spring adventure in this light tee inspired by Tolkien's LOTR. Featuring an iconic quote and a picturesque scene, this shirt will inspire you to spend spring outdoors, seeking adventure.

Wander T-Shirt, $12, TheTeeStudio on Etsy