9 Candles From UK Shops That Are The Perfect Accompaniment To A Long Bath

Chandler and Monica in the bath with candles
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I am actually terrible at taking some time to myself for self care. My mind is constantly racing, and I'm always thinking about the things I should be doing, instead of just sitting back and relaxing. But this time of year, when the weather's cold and being inside feels cute and cosy, I do tend to find it a little easier thanks to the addition of hot water bottles, soft blankets, and of course, baths and candles. I've done the leg work and brought you the ultimate best candles to have a bath with in the winter months, all that are available right now. Aren't you lucky...

While summery home scents are usually full of light florals and fresh aromas, Autumn/Winter is all about investing in the rich, dark, and layered smells that we associate with being warm inside. This means opting for woody smells, richer florals, and smoky scents; of which there are so many around. I've picked out seven of my favourites, from seven of the best candle brands around, all of which I would recommend lighting while you're in the bath. So grab a bath pillow for your head and neck, pop on a podcast, grab a warming beverage, and light one of these decadent, luxurious candles. I promise it'll make you love the colder seasons.