9 Candles That Smell Like Books To Help You Set The Perfect Reading Atmosphere

by E. Ce Miller
Wick & Fable

There are just some things that go hand-in-hand with being the ultimate book lover: drinking excessive amounts of coffee, taking a book with you wherever you go, constantly having an online cart filled with the newest best sellers, being on a first name basis with your favorite book characters, and totally nerding-out over book-inspired anything — and that definitely includes literary themed candles. Indulgent must-smells designed to pair perfectly with your latest must-reads, book-inspired candles are all the rage with readers right now — and candlemakers have definitely taken notice. From scents that invoke the settings of classic books (Pemberley gardens or Sherlock Holmes’ study, anyone?) to those that smell like aging pages themselves, you can find a literary candle for practically every reading (and sniffing) preference.

Plus, there’s just something homey about a candlelit book nook. The only thing better than tucking in with a great read is having a candle (or, if you’re as candle-obsessed as me, about a dozen) to light alongside it.

Whether you’re reading by candlelight or infusing your space with bookish aromas (or both!), here are nine candles that will pair perfectly with your favorite booksand help you burn your way through that TBR pile. Pun intended.

1. Bookstagram

2. Antique Books

3. First Edition

4. Bookshop Café

5. The Restricted Section

6. Castle Library

7. Women in Literature Anthology

8. Jane Austen's Writing Desk

9. Old Books Candle