12 Literary Candles Every Reader Will Love

by Amy Sachs

Readers will be the first ones to tell you that you need to be perfectly comfortable before you start a new book. I mean, you can't spend five or more hours in the same spot if it's uncomfortable, now can you? I didn't think so. For me, that perfect reading spot just happens to be my bed. It's comfortable by design. But some people like to read on couches, in kitchens, and on chairs. They have to dedicate time to making their reading area the comfy place they've always dreamed of.

There are tons of hacks to making that happen. Comfy reading nooks, chairs designed for reading, and reading lights all help to make the perfect reading area. But nothing helps relax you and get you in the reading zone like brand new candle. A literary one at that. Because those definitely exist, and they are something every book-lover needs in her life.

If you've always wondered what Sherlock's study smelled like, daydreamed about the scent of the tea served by the Mad Hatter, or longed to take a whiff of Butterbeer, fear not. There are candles that can make all your literary dreams come true. Here are 12 bookish candles every reader will love.

A Mad Tea Party Candle

A white tea candle will not only relax you, but make you feel like you're taking part in one of the Mad Hatter's famous tea parties!

Mad Tea Party Candle, $16.00 UncommonGoods

Gatsby's Mansion Candle

Of course this one is green. The green light, a green candle, it just makes sense. This one is supposed to smell like a crisp night, like a long evening spent at one of Jay Gatsby's parties: perfect for classic bookworms.

Gatsby's Mansion Candle, $18.00, Frostbeard, Etsy

Edgar Allan Poe Library Candle

This soy wax candle features a unique collection of scents, including cardamom and absinthe, making this the most unusual candle in your collection, much like Poe himself. It also has a quote emblazoned across the front: "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Perfect!

Edgar Allan Poe Candle, $21.00, Paddywax

Enchanted Library Candle

This candle will transport you right back into your favorite magical series as soon as you light it, and the combination of vanilla, parchment, and coffee beans will be sure to keep you there!

Enchanted Library Candle, $17.86, Formandflux, Etsy

The Night Court Candle

A Court of Mist and Fury candles really exist, and they are gorgeous! The scent is almost secondary in this case.

The Night Court Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary, Etsy

Summer Reading Candle

If you're not actually reading at the beach this summer, the next best thing would be a candle like this one that will bring the beach to you!

Summer Reading Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary, Etsy

221B Soy Candle

I'm really here for anything that will transport me into the rooms of 221B, Baker Street, candles included.

221B Candle, $14.00, SevenHeartsCo, Etsy

Walden Woods Candle

This earthy candle will bring the words of Thoreau's book to life in an entirely new way, plus this one was made to be instagrammed, just look at it.

Walden Woods Candle, $18.00, HearthandHammer, Etsy

Wizard's Brew Candle

I imagine this one smelling like Hogsmeade's Village, friendship, and childhood, so yes, I'll need this one to stay lit forever.

Wizard's Brew Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary, Etsy

Antique Books Candle

Because there's no better smell than old books.

Antique Books Candle, $18.00, WeatherandGray, Etsy

Mother of Dragons Candle

Is any candle collection complete without some Game of Thrones representation? No? I didn't think so either!

Mother of Dragons Candle, $14.00, SevenHeartsCo, Etsy

Girl On Fire Candle

One candle might not burn as brightly as Katniss' dress, but hey, we take what we can get, and this one smells amazing.

Girl on Fire Candle, $14.00, HalfOakCandles, Etsy