All The Clues You Probably Missed In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Trailer


The Walking Dead season finales always involve a lot of death and destruction, but the April 15 episode may be the most intense yet. The preview for The Walking Dead Season 8 finale reveals that the war that has been brewing between Rick and Negan all season long will come to a head, so you should expect some mass carnage. But even with all the clues from The Walking Dead finale trailer, the fates of your favorite characters are still very unclear. What is clear though is that there will be plenty of chaos as the Hilltop community and the Saviors finally take part in a major battle.

In the finale, "Wrath," Rick and Maggie will need to decide what they should do with the Saviors' plans of attack that Gregory presented them with in "Worth." Viewers know that these plans are fake, but a preview of the finale shown during Talking Dead highlights that Rick and company will most likely scout out the scenario that's in the plans — and that's exactly what Negan wants them to do. But Negan isn't the only one with some tricks up his sleeve; the Hilltop group doesn't seem like it will be so easily defeated.

There's no evidence that Aaron will convince Oceanside to join forces with the Hilltop in a move that could save the day, unfortunately. But here are all the clues that the trailer does give fans as they anxiously await The Walking Dead Season 8 finale.

Morgan Goes All In On All Out War

With Morgan crossing over to Fear The Walking Dead, the Season 8 finale will be Lennie James' last hurrah on The Walking Dead for awhile. Although Rick's bloodlust is probably more in check since he read Carl's letter, Morgan is still full of rage. And so, Morgan encourages Rick to war with Negan and the Saviors in the Season 8 finale trailer. But Morgan's mental health will continue to deteriorate; the preview of "Wrath" that aired during Talking Dead shows him seeing the ghost of Jared. These visions and the war will most likely be what drives him to relocate to Fear The Walking Dead.

Eugene Sets Up Target Practice For Negan

Eugene made it pretty clear in "Worth" that he no longer has any interest in being allies with Rosita and Daryl. And while he doesn't appear happy in the above photo, the preview of this scene shows that he fulfills Negan's bullet order and is the one who creates target practice for Negan to shoot a pretend Rick. With so much focus on these bullets, perhaps Eugene is sabotaging the Saviors from the inside and the bullets won't work. But the preview sure strives to make it look like Eugene is officially a Savior now.

The Saviors Attack The Hilltop

The Hilltop guard Kal yells, "Saviors!" in the preview, so this might be what leads Rick's group to go outside Hilltop's fences into the field. And the fields near Hilltop appear to be where most of the bloody action will take place in the season finale.

Tara Is On Her Own

Tara has a new lease on life after she discovers that Dwight didn't hit her with a tainted arrow. So perhaps she's on a mission to save him since she's kind of on her own in the preview. But besides taking aim at some Saviors, you can also spot Tara leading a group of people to safety. With Tara being so prominently featured in the preview, does that mean she'll die? Even if she survives, she'll be one to watch during the finale.

There's A Mysterious Masked Person

Using binoculars, Carol spots a person with a bucket or a welding helmet over his (her?) head being held prisoner by presumably the Saviors. This person is also shown standing behind a walker, so there's a possibility that the Saviors are holding someone important to the Hilltop hostage. Or, this could be setting up a new major character for Season 9.

Eugene Takes Aim At Gabriel

It looks like Father Gabriel tries to escape the Saviors again in the finale since Eugene confronts him with a gun in the woods. Even though he has Gabriel cornered, Eugene is usually too much of a wimp to pull the trigger, so he probably won't kill the priest. Plus, let's not forget the theory that the bullets might not actually be functional, so even if Eugene shoots at Gabriel, it might not kill him. It's just unclear who would be responsible for these potentially malfunctioning bullets — Father Gabriel or Eugene.

Jadis Is Still In The Junkyard

Jadis is set to appear in the finale, but it's unclear if she'd side with Rick or Negan in a battle. Unfortunately, based on "Still Gotta Mean Something," she might be Team Negan. But perhaps the reason Jadis is shown in the junkyard is because she has nothing to do with the war and instead, the show will finally reveal who is in the helicopter.

Dwight Is Still Alive ... For Now

Negan knows that Dwight betrayed him. But Negan is apparently not interested in killing Dwight just yet since Dwight is in the Saviors' prisoner uniform. Instead of being held in a cell though, Dwight is outside of the Sanctuary. This could be the scene of Dwight's execution ... or maybe you're hoping that this means that Dwight will be saved by a forgiving Daryl during the war.

There Will Be A Major Explosion

Rick and Michonne leave the gates of the Hilltop hand-in-hand, ready for battle. And it looks like the Hilltop warriors may be responsible for a huge explosion in the fields. So, as previously mentioned, don't think that Rick and his gang will go down without a fight.

While there are still plenty of questions — will Maggie die? will Rick let Negan live? Will Maria Bello's character (who People reported would be in Season 8) show up? — the finale preview gives fans some juicy moments to speculate over. And, as per usual, the one guaranteed aspect is a bloody finale.