9 Cosy Items To Wear In The Snow, Because 'Snowmageddon' Could Be Here For A While


Us Brits sure do love to overhype the snow. While some parts of the UK have barely seen a flake, other areas have been inundated with snowstorms. No matter how much warnings the nation is given, it's common to find yourself underprepared for such weather. This is especially true when it comes to your wardrobe. Everyone owns a good winter coat and super thick socks, but thin knits and slippery shoes tend not to fare quite as well in freezing temperatures. I've scoured the internet to find what to wear in the snow that will actually keep you warm.

According to The Sun, the UK had its coldest day in seven years this week. The wintry weather has unsurprisingly caused chaos for cars, buses, planes, and trains. Some of you may well have decided to work from home rather than brave the flurries.

Whether you're embarking on your usual commute or trying to remain indoors for as long as possible, you'll likely encounter bad weather at some point. The following items are guaranteed to keep you nice and cosy on those occasions, however rare they may be.

From literal snow boots to essential thermals and slightly outlandish hats, these pieces will serve you well for any future snowy periods.

1The Sturdy Shoe

Moon Boot Nylon

Moon Boot

Moon Boot stocks the ultimate ski boots. With a padded design and practical laces, they can be worn in any cold weather spell. Plus they come in so many colours that it's impossible to list them all. Available in UK size 6 to 12.

2The Chunkiest Knit

Brown Roll Neck Long Sleeve Knit Jumper

River Island

A snow-appropriate knit is one that comes in a chunky fabric, has a huge neck that you can burrow into, and is designed in a colour that isn't afraid of a bit of muck. River Island seems to have designed the perfect one. Available in UK size XS to L; 6 to 16.

3The Completely Committed Look

ASOS 4505 Curve Ski Jumpsuit In Colourblock


Is this look going a little too overboard? Who really cares? If it's snowing, you might as well make the most of it and don a full ski suit. This one comes with a funnel neck to protect against sub-zero temperatures and is padded throughout. Available in UK size 18 to 30.

4The Grown-Up Glove

Leather Mittens


You may not have worn mittens since you were a child, but it's not too late to get back into the game. COS' leather option is the perfect way to keep adult hands warm. (And if you're not a fan of leather, the brand sells plenty of other mitten designs.)

5Step Into The Future

Metallic Silver Trousers By Topshop SNO


These space age trousers have everything you need for a day in the cold. They have actual pockets and the fabric repels water, ensuring you remain dry at all times. If you're not a fan of the stirrups, you can easily remove them. Available in UK size 4 to 18.

6The Ultimate Neck Warmer

Multicoloured Scarf


Luckily, lots of scarves are now for sale on the high street. This humongous creation can be wrapped round your neck numerous times, providing a colourful addition to any dark and dreary day.

7Say Yes To A Thermal

Heattech Extra Warm Turtleneck Long-Sleveed T-Shirt


Uniqlo's Heattech technology keeps heat right where it should be. This turtleneck is part of the brand's Extra Warm range which means it'll keep you 1.5 times warmer than traditional Heattech designs. It comes in a range of colours and is so cheap that you may as well buy a few. Available in UK size XS to XXL.

8Don't Forget Up Top

Jewel Eye Faux Fur Hat

& Other Stories

You don't have to sacrifice on style when the snow hits. While a beanie will suffice, this fluffy emerald green & Other Stories hat will really take your look up a notch.

9For When It All Starts To Melt

Base Camp Rain Boot Shorty

The North Face

You'll need a warm pair of boots to brave walking in the white stuff — especially when it starts to get slushy. This Ugg-like design is made of waterproof fabric and is cushioned inside, meaning your feet will be kept warm even in the coldest of temperatures. The boots come in a sunshine hue (so you can dream of summer) or black. Available in UK size 3 to 9.

Time for some serious shopping.