9 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Boss This Year

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Giving gifts during the holiday season is a fun and fulfilling act, especially when you know that you've chosen a gift that someone is going to love. But when your gifting someone who you don't know well, or whom you have a professional relationship with, it can be a hard mark to meet. Here, I've rounded up a variety of the best and most creative gifts for your boss to help avoid that issue.

There's a certain finesse to picking out a gift for someone who is your superior. You want to give them something that lets them know that you appreciate them, that you're grateful for your job and that endears you to them. But buying something for someone who you might not know in any personal way, or who scares you, or who you've had drama with in the past is a really complicated task. That said it's always better to gift than not to gift, so here I've vetted a few products that say "I'm professional and generous" and nothing more and nothing less.

Too extravagant of a gift and you're brown-nosing and risking overwhelming your boss with the gesture, and too simple of a gift and it seems like an afterthought. You don't want to give your boss something that's going to get re-gifted, you want to give them something that they can actually use, or truly appreciate. Here are some safe options:

Make Your Own Candle Set

Classy Chocolates

A Nice Potted Plant

Sweet Soaps

Letter Opener

Leather Desk Pad

Aroma Therapy

Stationary Cards

Photo Block