17 Gifts Your Boss Will Love

Courtesy of Brands

So many of us love shopping for other people more than we like shopping for ourselves — except when the recipient is difficult to shop for. What do you get that person who already has everything or that friend who you know is super picky? Here's another tough one: what do you get your boss? Whether it's their birthday, a holiday, or Boss's Day, I've got 17 gifts your boss will love that will make your shopping trip so much easier.

Shopping for your boss is so challenging because you want to strike a delicate balance between professional and personal. You want to get them something practical but thoughtful. You want the gift to say, "Hey, thanks for being the best boss in the world, even though I hate you sometimes." An easy task to conquer? I think not.

You don't want to screw this up. Your boss is already kind of annoyed because they know it was really you who broke the fax machine even though you lied about it. (Honestly, you did them a favor. Who even sends faxes anymore?) Put a smile on their face and hopefully a bigger holiday bonus on your desk with one of these 17 gifts.

1Boss Nutritional Facts Mug

Wampumtuk Boss Nutritional Facts Funny Coffee Mug


No mug ever spoke truer words. Your boss will love this mug that breaks down their nutritional content.

2Organizer And Charging Station

Black Bamboo Charging Station for Multiple Devices


Help your superior stay tidy and organized with this multi-purpose charging station that will also hold essentials like pens and a stapler.

3Boss Lady Mouse Pad

Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad Custom


This colorful, flowery mouse pad is the perfect addition to your boss's desk.

4Decision Maker

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight


Even the most confident boss could probably use some guidance every now and then. This spinning decision maker (and paper weight!) is so helpful and 100 percent accurate, according to experts (me).

5Desk Name Plate

Head Honcho - Black Desk Name Plate for Boss


Just in case anyone forgot who they were dealing with, this desk name plate clears it up.

6Mug Warmer

COSORI Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer


Nobody wants to make 20 trips to the microwave to keep reheating their coffee or tea. Instead, bring the heat to your boss's desk.

7Coloring Book

Boss Babes: A Coloring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups


Inspire your boss with these badass ladies — now in coloring book form.

8Password Notebook

BookFactory Password Journal


If you think you have too many usernames and passwords to keep track of, your boss probably has triple that. This handy password notebook should help.

9Wine Glass

Because Work Wine Glass


This wine glass from JenniferCraftCorner on Etsy says it all. Wine at the end of a long day is an absolute must.

10Personalized Business Card Holder

Personalized Gold Business Card Holder


No ordinary business card holder will do for such an extraordinary person. You can personalize this gold one — and just look at how it sparkles. ThreeTwo1 sells it on Etsy.

11Custom Wine Label

Boss Appreciation Gift


Let's be honest: you and your team have given your boss more than a few gray hairs. Show your appreciation with this custom wine label (and grab their favorite vino, while you're at it!). These are available from LabelTheOccasion on Etsy.

12Espresso And Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Silver


If your boss can't get through the day without being fully caffeinated, this is one appliance they can't do without.

13Foot Hammock

Foot Hammock Under Desk


A person who works so hard deserves to kick their feet up every now and again. Now they can — literally. This tiny foot hammock hooks under their desk so they can relax more while they work.

14Company Policies Sign

Employees Company Policies Funny Sign


Your boss will definitely appreciate this humorous company policies sign, which is also how most bosses think.

15Chair Massager

10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion With Heat


Since bringing in a personal masseuse every day is probably out of the question, this heated seat cushion massager will have to do. Someone who spends as much time in their computer chair as your boss surely needs it.

16Motivational Stress Balls

3X Mindfulness Stress Ball


Help your boss cool down when they're feeling stressed with these motivational stress balls. They even give off a soothing aroma.

17Personalized Pen

Personalized Wood Desktop Pen Set Engraved and Monogrammed Corporate Promotional Gift


It's an unwritten rule of life: every boss needs a fancy pen with their name on it. What else will they use to sign important documents?